Got Bored Of Everything

Somehow, I'm bored of everything and when it comes to the worst I become sick of anything... I came to the conclusion that maybe I am a bored person that can't handle to be with people anymore... because the people I live with, the people I work with and even my friends are boring. I just don't want to listen to them because their stories and lives are so boring to me. And this goes so insane because I pretend to show some interest in the fear to be all alone. But pretending and saying things that I do not feel or think is so hypocrite and this is so not me. I just want to be true to myself and to others. My boredom affects my behaviour and then people think that I'm fake, snob ot whatever... I want them to understand me but they don't... nobody does.
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I get gored quickly too, I think I understand what you say. I personally found out that I always need to experience new things to be happy. Like meeting new people, learning new things, trying new experiences. The problem is things tend to repeat themselves quickly. People, books, movies, they're all different but not enough for a novelty seeker like me. Fortunately some things never repeat themselves : adventure, creation. When you do any of these you can be sure a lot of unexpected things will happen ! Sorry if this was confusing...

I think Boredom is a mindset. And mindsets can be changed. So if your having an issue with boredom then I think you need to retrain your mind to get excited about life again. Also you need to seek out adventure in your life and there is a lot of ways you can do that. I have this Philosophy I live buy > Life Doesn't Get Good on its own You have to Make It Good. < That is a philosophy I put to practice everyday. To realize that any day is not just going to be good unless you make it good. <br />
You have to search out for things to get excited about. Challenge yourself to make the most of things. Me what I also do is that I am a very goal oriented person. I make big lists of stuff I want to accomplish and I feel good when I can check them all off Having done that. There are so many things in life to do. There are tons of books to read. Tons of places to go. Tons of people to meet. There is relationships, romance, travel, sports, Art , music, exercise, helping others, Different Career paths, new things to learn about. Fashion and style, outdoor activities, creative pursuits and so forth. Me I dont get bored because I have too many interests that I like. There is always a book to read A new place to visit, a new conversation I could start with somebody. A new person to meet that I dont know yet. Movies to watch. Or I could create something and so forth. <br />
I think the real way to nip boredom is to conquer it in your mind first. You change your mindset then your life will follow. I like to go online and read books about things to do > then I get around to go do them. Then I like to journal about it all and take pics of the events so I have like a digital journal of all the cool stuff I have done and then I PUSH myself to do more fun stuff. <br />
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I hope I have helped

If you have the advantage of an outgoing personality, use it to express your feelings socially. Try turning the conversation around to a more interesting subject. The only ways I can escape boredom are these: read a book, play an instrument, or sing.