Look people you guys might not believe me but I get bullied by younger people Then me they call me a pedo and that hurts me life gets trough for me I don't no why people want to call me something like that I not hurt anybody in my life I would never do that people laughs at me because I got a part time job people pick on me because I am gay
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

they are just ********. i know its easy for me to say dont listen to them. but u got to find other things that makes u happy and stick to them. if people call u bad things just put pluggs in your ears n listen to music or something. act like u dont give a single **** about theyre bullshit oppinion from stupid people who havent even learned about selfrespect n respecting others. thats just a pathetic behavior from them and they will never be smart enough to understand that. but you are!