Bluffing Your Way

I wonder how other people see me as a confident person. Any time i`ve commented after a meeting or a social event about how the discussion went, I`m often surprised to get complimented for my input. Yet just before I speak I at a work event I almost have a panic attack and have to force myself to keep going. I`m usually very quiet at social events but seem to get along OK. I suppose because of my quietness I often find people confiding in me. I find this a bit scary at times because I`m reluctant to offer advice when people are looking for answers

rickykel rickykel
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Hi Ricky, thank you so much for your comment about my story. Reading yours just now, I see that you have a gift for speaking with intelligence and thought. Plus, you overcome your feelings of panic - that is so hard to do! Many, many people are extremely afraid of speaking and giving opinions. But look at what you manage to overcome - this is really important. And I think you hit on something vital - because of your quietness you are more respected and listened to when you do talk. That is an asset, not a weakness. I think when we compare ourselves with other people we instantly get depressed and want to give up, but there is nobody like you. When you walk in a room, Ricky, you bring something no one else can. Remember that song from Natasha Beddingfield - only you can speak the words from your lips? That is you! If you hold on to that you will find the clouds lifting. I wish this for you - have a wonderful New Year and thanks again for reading my story. Peace, CARITAS