Yeah .....

By guys who want to get laid ....

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hahaha this is great! SO TRUE!

LMAO!! Yep - women ... it's true --- as stated above :) <br />
I love my circle =)

oops just a figure of speech men try to talk me too bed,never works.(I'm Gay)...In bed with a women we talk a lot,I'm bossy so we talk,must generalize better..<br />
<br />
yes.. sure everyone talks..etc..

I think that a woman is more to take a compliment on shoes or shirt or how she looks that being told that she looks good or is beautiful, a guy can appreciate a handsome woman and say so with out the preamble of " If I tell you then you have to have sex with me "<br />
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I think women just have a hard time accepting a compliment sometimes because they think a guy is trying to get laid.

It's all good :)

OMG - that is SOOO true!!! Men do talk for sex. It may be slower with some - but I think that is true. NO MEN - I am not labeling all of you. <br />
<br />
And yes - as a woman - I do have sex 2 talk .... you hit this one on the head.

Beauty starts from talk for sex,women have sex 2 talk..spank ..all u above..

LMAO!! Yeah - I have to remember to check my motives at the door - JUST like a guy does. I can be a little 'rude' when it comes to looks and sex .... I just have to remember that :)

Naw ... they are just telling the truth. You are beautiful and gorgeous. Remember, we've seen your picture.<br />
<br />
And, what the hey ... the guys are showing good taste! Right? Sometimes a guys motives are always the best, but his eyesight is great!

Ah - I'm not sure anymore. I don't completely disagree but there are some guys still in the world that have no desire in hopping in a girls pants and no - they are not gay either. It just depends on the man I guess ....

Chris:<br />
<br />
What do you say? Hey, you look hot. Wanna buy ME a drink? I bet that works (rolling eyes).

I disagree with that completely. I can compliment a woman on her looks and have no intentions. And it is said in a way that does not offend them....

If I were a woman, being told I was pretty or sexy or whatever would be a real turn off. That would be the same thing as hearing a guy say, Hey, Baby or, Hey, Sexy. Pick up lines are pick up lines. They're crass. If you want to tell someone you find them attractive, for whatever reason, you should wait until you get to know them better and then see if you still feel the same way before you open your mouth.

haha yeah! sorry mtvlm!! i suppose there are exceptions to any rule...

Well then there must be something wrong with me since I have told a number of girls that they are pretty and not expecting any nookie. A hug and kiss maybe. A blush defiantly.

Miskriss -- LMAO!! That is SOOOO true. :)

thats lame. i get that alot too. i think anyone with a vagina and breasts gets called pretty for some nookie. <br />
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BUT males will be males...some things will never change...

Yeah ---- I get that too, 'but I THINK YOU are BEAUTIFUL' . Yeah - uh huh :)

That's right MizzB... and now you get a spanking... ;-)<br />
<br />
Mia... you're pretty too. Can I spank you now? hehe Oh wait... I already did....

Ah - Chris *blushing* now you are going to spank me, right?? OK - let me have it !!! LOL

Same here MizzB. You are pretty. :-)

LMAO!!! Thank u .

I'll call you pretty but I don't expect to be laid. :->