Perhaps Its My Adorable Dimples and Youthful Face

I've been told by just about everyone that I am pretty.  I am often the center of attention when I walk into a room.  Women and men alike are flirtatious with me.  People who knew me from gradeschool, middleschool or highschool comment on how I look the same as I did way back then.  I feel blessed to have my good looks but realize that will not last always.  Skin does wrinkle, and the body does age.  I think being coveted for my beauty has made me more down to earth.  I realized early on that everything that is pretty to the eye is not always best for you.  I try to look deeper into the soul and character of an individual.  I want to be seen and loved for the person I really am, not because I look good in your company.

I have finally experienced love and want to hold on to it forever.  I am loved for who I am and what I desire to be in the future and encouraged/supported in doing so.

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I will also say that I love being black and feel it a blessing to age in appearance slowly.

What I am saying is parents are 55 years older than I.....and one does not grow old until they reach the ripe age of 70. Meanwhile there is a lot of living that occurs in between. You want someone that loves the inside spirit of you. You want someone that relates, understands and has fun with you in conversation. The libido sometimes shrivels up or just disappears. What is left when sexual attraction is gone? I'll tell you what...the heart and soul of your character...How well you have lived, your experiences and the memory of them. Who do you share those with. Who excites you when they share their own experiences with you. I want to be loved for the great friend I am....not the dime you see now....this appearance will change in the upcoming years. <br />
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Old people are indeed beautiful and I prefer the company of an old person to that of a young person any day. :)<br />
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As far as how people age....I don't really have a clue. I've seen quite a few people age quickly because of their life circumstances (drugs, stress, poor health maintenance ect.) I can't honestly say I've been watchful enough to notice the differences between races.