I Don't Know Why People Find Me Attractive

 I really don't, I don't see what they do I guess, But everywhere I go people, mostly men are attracted to me, the only thing that I can figure is that I'm friendly, clean and smell good.

    I don't think that I'm that great, I use to have a nice body but I'm a grandmother now. I always thought my Mom was pretty.

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You look Pretty and like you look after yourself. V Attractive

lots of time attractiveness comes with confidence and how you feel about urself.

Thank you so very much hon, I no I'm not perfect, nobody is but I just try to be a good person.

You are a very attractive and sexy woman.. that's why.. <br />
You are soft at heart and wish well to all.. that's why..<br />
You are soft spoken and you smile a lot.. that's why..<br />
You are always there and are first to give a helping hand.. that's why<br />
<br />
I can go on These are good enough reasons whey people fine you attractive<br />
<br />

Yes that's wonderful, No one can take that away for you. <br />
That is what Tim said when his Dad passed, He said I have dad with me all the time and that's worth more to him than anything else.<br />
It's great you have the family bible that can help with finding out more about family history. I helped my mother find out more about her grand father by reading an old obituary, I looked up his brother and found the rest of the family, Her grand father (John) died young on the railroad so he was left out of the family history, I contacted a man and he came to visit my mother to confirm that we had the right family and I think he added the grand father because they both knew it was the lost baby brother in their family. And what was really interesting was that my great grand mother(Cora l) was pregnant with grandmother (Viola) when my great grand father (John)died working for the railroad, he was sucked under a train and his head cracked open, his body laid face down in the ditch next to the rails. Great Grand mother had another after great grandpa but he was her true love.

Oh thank you Secondfiddle, Your so sweet, I think your great also. I think your wife should appreciate you more, You sound like a very loving caring father and husband that is there for his wife even if she doesn't know it. Sometimes I don't feel very attractive, when I'm hanging out around the house and some times I get mad at myself and the world feel mean and my heart aches but then I get over it. <br />
I think about the people in my life that I love and love me, and the person that my parents taught me to be. About the people that have it much worse than I do. We should thank God when we can put our two feet on the floor and get up in the morning and that we have a floor and a roof, food to eat and that we have friends and family to love and be loved by.<br />
<br />
<br />
I wear a locket on my neck with my grand daughters picture in it and it reminds me what I'm living for, and I have a solid silver bracelet that my brother made me, he died 3 years ago. We didn't get along when he died, but I know he loved my and I loved him so I wear it every day and it reminds me of him. I also have a ring that my grandmother gave me and I've worn that for many years, she probably would have kicked me in the butt if she had have known some of the things I've done. LOl!!!!!