Especially Live Versions

There's some songs that do this to me everytime... hearing live versions are often better.   Sign on the door, by

Edwin Mccain makes me BAWL.. it's such an amazing song about being afraid to love..  Beyonce's HALO still makes me shiver as well as PAULOSINGS cover version on youtube.  Michael Tolcher's MYSELF is  one of my favorite songs ever and ALWAYS gets me...   When I heard him do that song live, it was another one that made me cry, I want to feel that way with someone so much.  

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2 Responses Jun 24, 2009

lol Are you kidding, my last blog I did was about her lol She did the same to me. I'm still fond of her, I think she did amazingly well , I know she is planning on touring when she is rested from the competition. I have to say I would kinda like to go.

I always thought getting emotional over a song was a bit wussy, l mean fair enough when you're a teen and pumped to the hairline with hormones, but not when you're 37, right?<br />
Then l heard Susan Boyle's first performance (yes l know, you're soooo sick of hearing about her...) and ended up with tears streaming down my face. I didn't even realize it. Some songs just get you like that l suppose, and l'm glad they still can with me.