I Get Creeped Out By Lesbians.

i don't find "Gay" people in general creepy, but overly aggressive bisexual or lesbian women who cruise or look for fresh meat out side of there designated hunting ground. Gay bars, gay social events, gay friends etc etc. Gay men tend to stick to there territory and know when its out of line to openly come on to a man that is not in there league. not to say it doesn't happen, but it is far less common than with women. i find (lesbians) tend to boldly make sexual gestures and or make passes at women in public places with no regard to who the target woman may be with. be it a mother, someones wife / girlfriend. and even the younger inexperienced women who haven't made choices yet. you may think i am hating on lesbians, but i don't hate what they are, i hate how (SOME) practice the're manic obsessive uncontrollable sexual appetite. and acting out any and every girl on girl fantasy they may have. i have met some respectful lesbians who stay to themselves and who would hate to hear me say this. but i recently had a friend who was on vacation in Mexico and a "married" lesbian made a pass and pursued my married friend's wife until she made out with her in private. and then invited her to come visit her and her lesbian wife in another state. all the while having absolutely no regard for the married woman's children, husband or family life what so ever. this is just one of many perfect examples of what i mean when i say lesbians creep me out. judge me all you want, but this is a very true story. and a very sad story too. 
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It sounds like you are definitely hating... This opinion of yours has nothing to do with lesbians but everything to do with YOU.

Problem with liberals is they lack self-criticism "well hetero men do it too" She is strictly speaking on lesbians,bring men up on a men's topic. There is definitely double-standards that lesbians can get away with such as flirting with women that claim hetero & are uncomfortable with another woman hitting on her . People speaking against her experience are the ones supporting a lesbians cynical causes. "I have never met a lesbian like that,Stop generalizing,be open minded" No, Stop lying to yourselves ,these women are not better people just for being a lesbian.

Honestly, all sorts of people are overly flirty or sexual. You cannot say it is just lesbians or bisexuals, because it's not true. I, personally, have seen more heterosexuals flaunting their sexuality than I have people of any other sexuality. Mainly, though, it's just lesbians are over sexualized, which is a reason why you might see it this way.

I'm kinda offended by this I'm openly a lesbian but sexuality isn't always about sex, This is a minority of people, and who says anything about hunting ground, no different to straight men hitting on lesbians in normal pubs which I might add is scary in its self, I know from experience. I feel like you are taking offence of a few creepers rather then being open minded by the fact we aren't all like that, every sexual identity whether it be gay, straight, pan or trans has its creepers.

Your married friend's wife was basically"forced" to make out with a sexually aggressive lesbian woman? Is that what your saying? Well, this woman had a choice, and she chose to make out with that gay woman. What part am I not getting? I live in NYC, and I have never seen a lesbian woman be aggressive sexually to another woman. The people who do that here are heterosexual men. They do this on a daily basis to innocent women and girls. If you don't believe me, google"ihollabacknyc." You shall see the abuse that men do to women every single day. It happens to me all of the time. I've never had a lesbian embarrass me by making overt passes at me in public in my life. (I am bisexual, and am completely flattered when a lesbian seems interested in me😊). Where do you live? I'm sure there are sexually aggressive lesbians out there, but hetero men are unfortunately the ones who act like that. Please don't generalize, and think all gay women are creepy. That makes you sound very ignorant, and judging by your age, you should know better....

I think you're confused. I think you just hate creepy people.

In general, lesbians are nothing but disgusting parasites that are a waste of air and space. It's sickening how these lowlifes even exist in this day and age.


What is really sickening, is that you can say that. So many people are apart of the lgbtq community and you go and diss that. It's like a member of the lgbtq community dissing you for being straight, so I suggest you stop, please.

Man. I know what you mean. Lesbians are very disrespectful and only shut up when they get their butt kicked physically. I know a guy who had to kick a lesbian in her teeth because she was disrespecting him. Next day she saw him from a distance and ran as fast as she could from him. I don't agree with your friend allowing his wife make out with a lesbian. He should have put a stop to that immediately by letting the lesbian know he'll knock her head off and stomp her and her lesbian lover to the ground and not care who saw. You're friend should have manned up.

Lesbians get a free pass nowadays much like blacks since they use the civil rights movement to justify everything they want to to do. I don't like lesbians and for them to try and talk to my woman is crossing the line and will be dealt with immediately with my foot stomping he face to the ground.

You've clearly got a problem. :') Clearly the straight woman wanted the lesbian and since it were so there was nothing the husband could do about it. She CHOSE to make out with the lesbian.
Men like you are the reason why so many heterosexual women are entering lesbian relationships.
And the reference to blacks... Come on it's the 21st century.

And I suppose people that are raped in prison CHOSE to be raped I mean they could scream for a prison guard right? That hetero wife could've been peer pressured,there are very aggressive dykes out.

Yeah... Exactly why more women than ever are entering lesbian relationships. Women are beginning to realize that there are no benefits to being with man when they can be with a woman. Women get along much better together than with ignorant, bull headed males. You'll see, the best of modern day women are making the change, men and women are just not compatible due to men being unloving, unable to communicate, and violent in nature. Man/woman relationships are undesirable, awkward, and more repulsive than same sex. Women couples are innocent, sensitive and beautiful, a more divine relationship. Who would want a man over a beautiful, nurturing woman?

Are you implying that being a lesbian is a choice instead of being something you are born with? Last i checked lesbian relationships have the highest domestic violence/abuse rate as well as highest divorce rate so lesbians are far from being perfect role models xD

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Come on now ! There's so much stupidity in this post I just can't deal with it. There's so many things you don't know so maybe it should be blamed on your non existing knowledge of our community. I am girly very girly, very good looking, I don't care how much of an *** I may come across! A lot of men hit on me why do men Insist on hitting on me why can't men stay in their heterosexual world. Why do they have to make sexual passes at me? Why can't they stay with their own kind? Now that really creeps me out. Men who insist and insist and insist no you can't be gay let me turn you try me. WOMEN, have way much more manners than men do? PLEASE! Process that in your head

They hit on you because you're a woman. Maybe if you stop being a lesbian you might understand common sense. Try to grow up.

Being a lesbian isn't choose it's who you are and as for sound like you hit women that real taugh what a Biggot you are.

This makes no sense people don't just turn homosexual no matter how many homosexuals of the same sex hit on them. More than likely your friends wife was a closet bisexual and wanted to be with a woman far more than she had respect for her family.

Sounds about right or her husband wasn't loving he appropriately. Unless a chick is drunk or high or sleep the only way a lesbian has a chance with a heterosexual woman is if the woman isn't feeling loved by a man whether it's her father, bf, or husband. Regardless of the situation if I saw a lesbian try to hit on my wife I'd step in immediately and stomp her to the ground. I don't play that.

Perverts. All of them.


No. How would you feel is someone in the lgbtq community called you a pervert for being straight. It's not something they choose. It's something they're born with

I'm a lesbian, married to another woman for almost 20 years. We both read your story, and you have no idea what an a$$ you're making of yourself. And it isbyour friend who was pursued by the lesbian until she made out with her is who is endangering her own family.

It doesn't make himself an *** to say that there are many lesbians who don't know when to stop. The title of the article may be problematic. But in the end he admitted there are good ones out there.

The only reason you would call him an *** is if you think all lesbians are perfect. Bullshit. Live life. Not a lie.

The world is full of creepy people who don't know when to stop they are called sex offenders, not lesbians.

Thank you

NO. They're called lesbians too. Lesbians are sex offenders and perverts by default.

Definitely. Lesbians are deluded.

You're lying. Homosexuals couldn't get married in the US 20 years ago. Stop lying to yourself and others and acting like you're equivalent to heterosexual couples because you're not. Yes the woman was endangering her own family. Why don't you try to have a real family by being with MAN instead of remaining an immature little girl at your old age.

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i did a big huge mistake i was with this married women with kids lives with her husband and kids , i was her first and trun out she was really really psycho on me made my life not to good

i never said i was afraid of lesbians. just creepy how some go about they're buisness. nobody likes inappropriate sexual advances twards people. i really hope your grandmother doesn't do that.

My grandmother is an open lesbian. I can't imagine anyone ever being scared of her.

But she couldn't have had children unless she was with your grandfather. You might not be scared of her but there's plenty of women who wouldn't want to be around her because she's a lesbian.

Then they don't have to be around her. This is a big country with plenty of room for everyone.