So Strong Today

Its weird because I feel it but things aren't quite the same.  Its so strong last night and today that my tummy goes in knots. Weird, huh?  I've also had a bit of an upset tummy the last few days though. 

I've never had it this strong before and so frequent but over the last 4-5 days its been incredibly strong.  Something must be lining up right for me right now.  Last night I didn't sleep well and everytime I woke it was really strange.   But I've had about 6 or so dejavu experiences in the last 12 hours.  Its just unbelieveable.

shuttermagic shuttermagic
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009


Yeah premonitions too. I am taking it easy.

Yeah that's exactly it. So familiar and eerie its nauseating. Gotta be something big about to happen huh? Also had some premonitions with it. They are so far out there though its quite confusing.