its kinda like seeing a show on tv that is a re-run like you already seen it but just watching it again before the new season starts back or something. But this happens to me like every couple weeks and it makes me wonder if ive already grown old died and now im 're-trying' the life i lived to get it right or something idk. it just feels very weird but im always like interested and amused. It used to happen alot when i would dream bout stuff and it would happen like couple months later. Just tiny little short clips out of my life like maybe a minute or two long. I dream the dream a bunch like maybe 10 times then it just stops happening and i dream other random stuff mixed with regular epic adventure type dreams or apocolyptic type dreams (i hate those). but in a couple weeks or maybe a month it actually happens.

Before i was adopted i used to be scared of dogs--the only dogs i met were bull dogs or rottwilders. My most recent Deja Vu was very intense and gave me goose bumps all over. So the movie in my dream from before i was adopted go like this: im ride up to the convient store with these white people we get out walk in and i grab peanut M&M's and notice a bad scrape on my hand, some breath mints, and a big 24oz grape flavored Aquafina water. then after check out im walking out, this hot lady walks in so i turn n look at her as we pass then right outside the door i stop and open my drink and notice a small black n white dog look likea bull dog but tiny (now know its a boston terrier), it was just sitting there with a red harness and leash tied to ice fridge door handle. Then we get in the car and drive away. -- nothing weird, scary or eventful right.

Yesterday they pick me up from tennis practice we riding in then turn into the store driveway. As im walking in i get goose bumps like everywhere my arms legs i can feel them on my neck too i kinda slowed down n was like whoa! wtf? but then i went back to regular speed and got my drink and as im picking up the M&M's i realize its the movie in my dreams cause of the scrape on my hand was bleeding. i grab the breath mints and proceed to checkout then as im walking out the door i stop and even though i havent seen it yet I know the dog is there and I'm like oh yeah! turn and look, there's the damn dog just sitting there.

My Deja Vu experiences have too many details to be random or chance or just luck coincidences. I've had detailed dreams about the inside of new foster homes before i get there, being followed walking home from school, and visiting the park. Stupid stuff like this happens to me like all the time at least once every couple weeks. but its never life threatening stuff or disasters or dangerous stuff...always just curious tidbits of a normal day. Why does this happen?? HOW does this happen?? how did i KNOW the dog was gonna be there before I saw it there?? Is there a way for us to learn to control this ability? is it an ability or is it really just everybody imagining stuff then dismissing it as impossible?
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
Jan 16, 2013