Useless Gift


I get Deja Vu and every now and then I know what is going to happen next.  They say that Deja Vu is no mystery, that it can be explained and that it's just completely fabricated by the brain.  I believe that about most instances, but when you absolutely know what someone is going to say next, or what's going to happen... a bird flying by, a commercial coming on TV... that's not fabricated.

It does me no good really.  I can't sit down and predict or see the future;  it's just these little bursts from time to time and they're never when I need them.  They're just at random, completely detached moments and the thoughts enter my mind maybe a few seconds at most before they happen.

I criticize people that say crap like this and I don't believe a word of their babbling, so I really don't expect anyone else to believe this.  I don't think I'm some kind of freakin' psychic or alien abductee.  Further, I don't believe I'll ever come in contact with anyone that can explain it or help me 'develope' it.

It is what it is, and that's all.

fascad3 fascad3
36-40, M
Mar 1, 2010