Just Now.

Sudden depression hit. It is starting to get cold again and I have turned on the heater in the living room. I turned towards the heater expecting my cat, Jama, to be laying in front of it like he always did every winter. Then it hit me again that he has been gone now for many months. I am trying so hard no to cry.
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2 Responses Nov 14, 2012

Let your tears fall. You love him and miss him. It's natural to cry. It's also a part of healing. It's just an expression of your love for him. *hug*

I can't cry. Not when my husband is around. He will only say something to make me feel worse. To make me want to die. There is no comfort for me. I am never alone. I can never cry.

:( Cry when you are alone. Go in the bathroom, outside, anywhere away from him. huggggggsssssssss <3

I am sorry dear. *hugs*
Do you know the cause of it?

I think he got sick and died because of stress after his buddy got sick and died.

oh gosh i am so very sorry, you lost two best friends.
i remember writing to you then...

when i miss one of mine who is gone, I try to realize they are not really 'gone' but only to our eyes and also I will see them again one day.

but it hits us hard and it's only been a little while for you.