This Life Has Been A Test. If This Had Been An Actual Life, You Would Have Received Instructions On Where To Go And What To Do

You know those day where you can't stop thinking. I mean not just thinking more like micro-analyzing to the point that whenever you think about it you just want to throw things. Heavy things. Especially when you aren't sure what's going on or why but you just have horrible feeling and think your life is over. Dramatic maybe but that is how you feel.

But there is absolutely nothing you can do about any of it so you sort of just sit there waiting for resolution or the next bomb to drop. At least then you will know if you were prematurely panicking or if every intuition was right and you have permission for the nuclear fallout you wish to create.

That was my day.
rainbowdasher rainbowdasher
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Sounds like my life

Yes I felt that way a few months ago.