i don't love my husband but bound by kids

I am 46, on my 3rd marriage and regret many bad decisions that I have made in my life. My current husband is not my soul mate, although he thinks I am his. He drives my crazy, we are so not compatible, how have I gotten myself into this position?

He is a good hearted person, means well, but is unorganized, tries to do too much, and constantly needs to be away from home, whether it is lunch out or a business trip overseas. I realize I am a home body. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and experience new places and people, but I also like to sometimes just stay at home and watch blockbuster movies all day. 

He and I always seem to be going in different directions, and not on the same page. I need structure and he is very spontaneous. He is very high maintenance and I am the type to always want to please everyone but myself. So for 7 years I have been catering to his needs and it is getting to be too much for me to tolerate anymore.

I wish that I had been more aware of the warning signs. I look back now and recognize that I should have run in the other direction. But I have a history of making hasty decisions. I wish I could just walk away from this clean, but I can't make it on my own as a single mom. 

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I absolutely understand what you are going through. I wish nothing but the best for you.