Dressing Up To Get Tight

                               I am a cross dresser, i am Samantha. i have no one that wants to be with me either as a male or as a woman so I like to get all dressed up in my nice soft knits like I would for a partner if I had one and get a little tight.  I dream of being a woman with a man and doing the same things to my man that a real GG would do to to her man when they are alone.  I like to be sexy and wear my nice soft knits over my **** and feel them like a partner would to make me feel sexy.  I like to wear a nice soft skirt around my legs and my butt and as I walk it caresses my legs and my ***. So when I am dressed and have no one i like to drink to shed the pain of loneliness.  I am very lonely.   Samantha

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
66-70, T
Feb 8, 2010