Enema History

Ill start by saying I love taking an enema every day. If Im taking a shower its for an hour and I will start with the shower head hose. I dont use an enema bag any more I would rather have more than 2 quarts of water at my disposal. I love taking a new bar of soap and pushing it up my *** and then touch the hose to my ******* and let the water flow in. It feels so good to have the soap and warm water gushing inside me. I will only be able to do this a little at first becouse I will need to let myself empty out some then soap goes back in and I will do this several times till my *** runs clear. Now I will take the ***** I have in the shower at all times and more soap and plung it in my ***. My precum will usually be flowing now and I will taste that always. After a good *** ******* I will hold the ***** inside while I shave and pre wash then pull it out to start my clean up. Now just water and rinse wash and rinse. Hot water will make me *** really hard and the feeling is just incredable. To end I will usually push the ***** up my *** again and pull it out to suck on and have any water left inside drawn out. The ***** will tast salty due to the fluids being made in my ******* and it always tastes good. This is how I start every day of every week and totally truthful. Enjoy!
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2012

I do exactly the same as you do xx

take a bath with jets. turn them on and get on all 4's. that water will fill your *** and *****. good way to have a g-spot ******

I too do it some times but dont have a ***** ....

I use hot water every couple of days, your right. It feels very good and I always *** hard!!