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Paddled Growing Up

I started getting erections during spankings when I was in 3rd grade. My mother would make me undress to my briefs while she went to get the little paddle. By the time she returned I would be standing in the middle of my room wearing just my white cotton briefs and my white socks. As I was thinking what was about to transpire, I 'd start tenting my briefs in anticipation. She'd sit on the bed and I would go over her lap. My hardon would be riding on her thigh. I didn't understand what was happening, just that it felt great. She'd paddle me with her fli-back paddle until my butt was on fire. My erection would usually go down during the stinging paddling, but would return while standing in the corner rubbing the seat of well paddled briefs.
As I got older the erections didn't go down during the paddling. As a teen I was paddled with a school type paddle while bending over the back of a chair. I'd rub my hardon on the chair while I was swatted. My mother never said anything about the erections, but I think she knew they added greatly to my shame and embarrassment and that's they way discipline ought to be.
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I thought it felt just fantastic when I got a hard on over my moms knee when getting spanked I still fantasize about it now , it felt so good !

I also got erection when my mom or aunt spanked me. It was embarrassing in the beginning but after time I got used to it

If your anything like me it was embarrassing to start with , then I got to like it ?

Yes, it becomes a pleasure

My mother was a strick woman and from the time I was 4 or 5 she gave me mandatory daily spankings. My dad was a fireman and gone most of the time so it was just my mom and I most days. Every morning mom would wake me up have breakfast with me then take me to the bathroom ***** me down and put me in the tub for a bath. After my bath she would straddle the tub "one leg in, one out" with her hairbrush in her hand and drape me over one leg still dripping from my bath she would paddle me very hard for 5 to 10 min depending on her mood. I always left the bathroom with tearing eyes and a very red bottom. This went on everyday until I was 13 when she said I was to big and turned the duties over to my father who did his duty every night with the belt.

stings bad on a wet bottom

I used to love it when I got an erection over my mothers knee , still get them now but its over my wifes knee instead !

i made the same experience…but i got it bare

I always got an erection when my mom put me over her knee as I got older , I just loved to feel my hard **** rubbing against her thighs , till I had *** my mom did not mind that much , she said it was quite normal for boys of my age to do that ! when getting spanked my mom was very understanding about this !

I started putting kleenex over my woody when I knew I had a paddling coming, in case of an "accident".

Did your mom not notice the Kleenex over your woody !

I always got paddled while wearing my briefs, so she didn't see the kleenex. I'm sure she felt my woody on her thigh, but never said anything. I guess she took it as a natural reaction.

I see what you mean now , my mom was a very firm believer in giving bare bottom spankings , in fact she insisted on it .

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I started getting erections during a spanking from around age 10 onward. I was always spanked hard and bare, with a strap or belt. I am a fully grown adult now and still love to be spanked. MY wife is more than happy to blister my bare *** with a nice little leather strap. It makes her soaking wet and after we have great sex. I get spanked at least twice a day, every day!!!!!

It does feel so good when your wife spanks you , I bend over my wifes knee as well !

Congratulations, not many people can live their passion this way. You got a great wife, be aware of that!

So I did not reply with authenticity,support, and respect? Sorry about that, won t happen again.

ok, np!

Sorry for the late reply I just got the notification. Is the EP's way of improving the site? She started spanking me while we were dating. I love taking my pants down and laying across her lap. Like in your story about your nephew I always have a hard on, however after she starts with the paddle it tends to go away quickly. Lol It comes back while she has me standing in the corner though. Personally I like corner time. Do you do corner time?

My wife spanks me too. I always have a hard on when she lowers my pants, but once the spanking starts it goes away quickly. She mainly uses a paddle or hair brush on me while I lay across her lap.

You lucky sod I only get spanked one a week !

I find it strange that men get a hard on when being spanked as it does hurt , but I always get one just the same as you even if I get spanked over the bed or couch arm !

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blood pressure, nerves, anxiety combined can often produce an erection for a younger boy prior to a bare bottom spanking. Young boys (9 - 13) can pop a ***** in a matter of seconds. While the paddling should commence ***** or not, the youngster should be placed over the edge of the bed or the classic over-the-knee position. Insure that the youngster's appendage (erection) is buffered and not exposed (never spank or paddle standing). It is rare that a boy will still have the ***** after the punishment.

I usually didn't get full erect but it would start that plump and jump. then soft during the spnking. afterwards i'd jerk off

I am 16 years old and my dad spanks me naked over his lap with his big hand. Once I start to cry in pain he laughs at me and hits harder, and I often get an erection. He then makes me stand in a corner for 20 minutes naked. I told him that this is huminaliting but he told me huminalition is part of the punishment. If I am really bad he will spank me in the diaper position for extra huminalition.

At 16 and still being spanked is NOT NORMAL. Spanking as a form of discipline punishment should cease by age 11 or 12. At 16 and getting an erection before, during, or after the spanking is a sexual release. That's fine but your father well knows you have a ***** and that is very questionable behavior on his part!!

Never got spanked by my dad , but I did enjoy getting an erection over my moms knee , it was very embarrassing the first time it happened though , I bet it is even more embarrassing to get an erection when getting spanked over your dads knee though, could you ask your mom to spank you instead of your dad !

I started getting erections from spanking my step dad use to give me. I had to take off my pants and stand with my hands at my sides and feet shoulder with apart.

When he noticed the early stages of an erection he made me grab my ankles with my leg spread apart which made me get more of an erection. When I had a full hard on he would then strike my nuts with the belt by making it wrap around under my legs that were spread apart making my balls and penis vulnerable to being hit.

My mother spanked me over her lap bare with a wooden hairbrush after age 12. After I was spanked I got corner time, with my bare behind on display and I always got erect during corner time. Mom just ignored my erection as normal for boys.

My spankings were routine in our house and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen corner with my pants and underpants either around my ankles of off and with my penis standing at attention as I cried in the corner.

I too got a hard on when over my Moms lap and would *** over her knee as she spanked me !! she just used to call me her naughty spunky boy !!

It`s my experience that most boys get erect prior to a spanking, during and after a spanking. Some of the boys I spanked ********** on my lap, two of them even before I spanked them while I lectured them, wuthout even stimulation of their willie. I also observed it at my brothers. They all got an erection in connection with a spanking.

I think most guys got a erection,I can rember geting spanked by my father at the age of 14,He spanked me with a strap while I lay naked on the bed face down..When he had finnished I had to stand in the corner for 20 mins.
While standing their I would dribble a lot of precum onto the floor..Which I would have to clean up before geting dressed..

that's how my erection started before I got spanked , my mom would scold me and say how naughty I had been and how she was going to put me across her knee and give me a good spanking ! I always got a hard on when she said something like that ,

we had a wrestling coach that was spank happy, you screwed up and you were in his office, hands on his desk and legs spread, he always got this mischievous smirk on his face when he paddled, I found that I began to screw up on purpose, just so I could be in his office, door closed and a chance to see his open gym bag with his briefs or jockstrap showing, he had to have seen my erection and later pre showing through my jockstrap and thin gym shors

Did you or did he feel embarrassed about that?

Like Brenda, I'm interested in hearing more about your experience/experiences.

How exactly do you spank him?

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