Her First Time

I can’t think how it came about but during one of these sessions I told Jules about my fantasy & she must have took it ok because I can clearly remember one time, with her fantastic arse high in the air when I said to her in between stroking my rock hard **** ‘I AM serious you know – I would love you to **** some else & tell me all about it’. She stopped her tongue magic on my nipple & said ‘I know you are’ without even looking up at me.

Things carried on as normal until one night when Jules went out with her friends & never came home to bed. I’d gone out to grab a takeaway quite late on in the night & when I got home there was a message on the machine from her to say that she was having a good night, she was ok & she loved me. Looking back now I think there was a fair chance she was ringing me to speak to me about my fantasy – to make sure it was what I wanted. **** I would have LOVED to have picked that phone up & have her tell me that she loved me, but she wasn’t coming home tonight because she was about to make my dreams come true. Maybe she had just rung to say all was ok, but I prefer to think of it the other way!

That night I went to bed as usual – it would have been the norm for Jules to come home around 2.30 pissed out of her head & spend the following day in bed so I wasn’t about to wait up for her.

The following morning I woke up to find that I was in bed on my own. Thinking Jules probably had her head down the toilet chucking up like there’s no tomorrow, I dragged myself downstairs. The house was far too quite & I soon realised that she hadn’t come home after all. My first thought was that she’d crashed out round one of her mates so I got on the phone. One after another of her friends told me that she wasn’t with them. I waited a while & then thought I’d go out & start looking for her –didn’t know what I expected to find but I couldn’t just sit there.

I’d probably been gone for about an hour & as I walked back through our front door I heard our answer machine beeping. I walked across the room & hit the button. Jules had just rang. She told me again that she was fine, she loved me & she’d be home in a little while.

To be honest that was a huge relief & I just thought that she’d stayed round a friends that I hadn’t rung. I chilled out & went about my own Sunday morning thing (basically nothing). It must have been at least an hour & a half before I heard the front door bang & I hurried down the stairs to see my beautiful wife standing looking nervous in the hallway.

I can remember the remainder of that day like it was yesterday. I know what she was wearing (black top & tight beige trousers that hugged her perfect arse fantastically), & more importantly what she said to me as I hugged her at the bottom of the stairs. As I held her she burst into tears & said ‘I’ve done it! FUCKK!!! My heart was pumping like crazy & I held her tight & told her it was ok, everything’s ok. I waited until she’d settled down a bit & then asked her if she was serious (pretty stupid question really under the circumstances but I wasn’t exactly thinking straight). ‘Yes’ she said. I didn’t want to look too shocked so I kept as cool as I could on the outside & asked her what happened.

We hugged for a little while longer & then she said that she wanted a bath. I ran the bath for Jules & stayed with her while she relaxed in there. I remember seeing bruises on her ****, arms & legs & asked her a number of times if she was ok. She told me she was fine but she hadn’t had much sleep last night (!!). When she said that I felt a real ache in my balls & my **** was instantly hard just imagining what had happened.

To be fair I was probably getting on her nerves a bit but I just wanted to be with her all the while & get her anything she needed – just generally be extra attentive. I don’t know if it was because I felt threatened by what had happened or just incredibly grateful that she’d fulfilled my greatest fantasy but I do know I didn’t want to leave her side. I was desperate like you wouldn’t believe to hear all about her night but I was also very conscious of not hassling her at that moment.

Once out of the bath I really struggled to keep my hands off her & she told me that her ***** was sore & she needed to get some sleep. She could see that I was turned on & she told me we could go to bed & she’d tell me about it.

When we got in bed Jules kept her underwear on, assumed the position for me & ran her hot tongue over my nipple. I slowly stroked my hard **** while trying to figure the best way to come out with all the questions I wanted to know answers to but in the end I just asked them. What was it like? (different), better?(no, just different)< I didn’t believe that for a second – if she was up all night she must have been absolutely loving the ******* he was giving her, & that was just fine by me!

More questions. How many times? (6 or 7). Did you ***? (Yes, 10 times). Did he have a big ****? her answer to that one, & the way that she said it, still makes me *** over & over when I think back to it – she stopped her tongue on me for a second, looked down behind her at my hard **** in my hand, stared me straight in the eyes & said ‘I’m not gonna lie to you darling, it was bigger than yours’. Then calmly back to my nipple with her amazing arse high in the air. How I didn’t shoot *** all over the ceiling I have no idea. She followed it up with ‘he had massive balls’! As for my balls, they felt like they would literally explode at any point & I know that I have never been that turned on in my life.

More questions. Tell me what happened? (we went upstairs, he got into bed & I wanted to keep my underwear on. He told me to take everything off, so I did. Got under the covers & he went down on me. Then he just rammed it inside me in one go). What next? (I can’t remember really). Did you sit on his ****? (yes, I came like that) Did he **** you from behind? (yes). Then she actually gave me a demo of what they done together – she showed me how he got her on all fours & banged her from behind while pulling her hair & holding her round the throat. She said he put some pressure round her throat & I asked her if she was worried at the time? (yes, it was a little bit freaky). But you didn’t stop him at any time? (no). Did he **** you up the arse? (no, he wanted to but I wouldn’t let him). I smiled at Jules & said ‘ not with that bloody great thing heh? ‘ We both laughed & she said ‘no, exactly’.

Did you suck his ****? (yes) I asked her how she got it in her mouth if he was big & she said she just kind of slobbered all over it. (his **** had a really big head. I sucked his balls too – nobody had ever done that for him). Tell me more about what happened? (I can't really remember)[Yeah!? right?! she could remember that he had nice teeth & that there were luminous shapes on the ceiling, but she couldn't remember other bits?? Maybe she just didn't want to tell me about how full he made her feel or about how he ******* her better than I ever had?]

She did tell me that they ****** again that morning. When? (Just before I came home). After you rang & left the message? (Yes).

It's funny how the seemingly insignificant things in a situation like that are sometimes the most erotic - Jules must have got out of bed & gone downstairs to ring me, told me that she loved me & she'd be home soon & then decided to go back upstairs & **** him one more time. To me, that was another incredible turn on - there was always the possibility that the night before she was caught up in the moment or too drunk to think straight, but not this time. This was my wife, the woman I love so much, making a conscious decision to go back to bed with another man after telling me that she loved me.

I have no idea why any of this turns me on like it does but I know that it sends me crazy. I definitely see sex as sex & I get a buzz from knowing that Jules is turned on. The fact that someone else is doing it for her just makes it so much more of a thrill for me. Just thinking that I couldn't get her that wet even if I tried & I could never make her feel as good sexually as he did - for some reason or another that just sends me over the top.

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I would have love to have liked her clean

thats one hell of a hot story....a shy wife turned naughty...love it...

hey tell the updates

Great. Just like we all want it.

Great. Just like we all want it.

lovely story chrispowski@gmail.com

This might be the best I have read here on EP. I can relate to it because your reactions are so similar to mine. My wife was out of town her first time so I had a long wait to finally embrace her and hear the details, but it was so wonderful.<br />
<br />
How long ago did this take place?

Great story . I would of loved 2 have had the sloppy seconds though , but I guess she was 2 sore !!!!!!!!!