Roses on my Wall

Valentine's Day is for loving and adoring your partner.  Believe me when I tell you that my partner and I are deeply, madly and completely in love.  Our 30th Valentine's Day marked the beginning of the year in which my love and I may choose to expand our sexual horizons and add some living toys to our collection. Our adventure is an awesome story of desire and pleasure, strength and security. Sadly, the timing was off and the particular party arrived too quickly to turn a fantastic moment into a great story … but for the sake of fun, let’s say that the timing was on.  Let’s pretend that we had been ready …

----> Jump forward 5 years <----

On my bedroom wall is a photo frame and pressed behind the glass are 3 dark roses. I have them fanned across the mat and while they are faded and brown now, they are still the most beautiful roses.  They still warm my heart and thrill me every time I look at them.  It was Valentine's Day, 2009 and it was the 30th time we had shared the opportunity to say, "I love you. Will you be mine?" It was a very special day, because on this Valentine's Day, my beloved woman gave me those roses!

My wife "kidnapped me" and took me to a swingers' club. Each couple was given a rose and they could keep it, or let someone earn it by doing whatever small task the couple should pose. That night she rocked my world as she earned my 3 very special roses.

The one on the left is my favorite.  My mind was still reeling from the surprise and aggressiveness of her adventure when she boldly walked up to a couple and began to negotiate for their rose. My heart was roaring as the woman told her she could have the rose if she would give her husband a BJ. To my incredible surprise, my gorgeous lady quickly dropped to her knees and lovingly massaged the stranger's **** through his jeans.  His wife and I sat together on the sofa and watched as my fabulous wife began to work open the man's pants. If her butterflies were anything like mine, she was probably ready to pass out!

With complete confidence, she brought his pants down and marveled at his delicious looking ****.  Holding and working him in her soft, yet firm hands, she turned her head to throw me a last playful smile before she treated him to the oral delights that she has so perfectly honed on my own manhood.  In just a few minutes, the man’s heavier breathing gave way to greater moans.

The man’s wife began to fear he would *** too soon, so she had to stop her husband’s delight.  "You’re fabulous", the wife whispered and grinned as she handed over the rose before kissing her baffled husband. It was fun watching his eyes as he realized his pleasure had ended.  His expression quickly raced from delight to frustration to the realization that his wife would help him over this loss!

And there was my adorable darling.  Her face was radiant as she turned to me with a giddy grin.  Her delight was breathtaking and in her hand was the physical representation of the moment.  She looked at her rose then offered it to me, saying, "I love you darling, will you be mine?"

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