Can't Stand It Sometimes!

You can probably tell When we talk on the phone. My voice raises or we start teasing each other. You may not think we would be so attracted, being alot alike but we both really enjoy it! Ep brought us together. Sometimes stay here too long because the other is on. I love your calming deep voice and your laughs REALLY get me going sometimes. From the first phone message you let, I was attracted. We will have to count on our love many times in the coming months.
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We are no longer together, but remain friends:)

YES, MY Darling, we surely will, but our love is even deeper than my voice, so I KNOW we will make it through all troubles, til that WONDERFUL day when we will be together, FOREVER!!! :-D :-* I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU, TERRY!!!! :-D *BEAMING SMILE*

TY sweetie! I think it actually came out pretty well. I didn't want to mention you by name. Our love means so much to me and i've been happy to do as you've asked of me. LOVE YOU! oxoxoxoxox

Sweetheart, I am THANKFUL to know just how much you love me, and how you've been willing to do what I've asked of you!
ALL my love is- YOURS! *kisses for your sweet lips*

mmmmmmm cozy so wish we were together right now! Thought it was time to "clean house". oxoxoxoxoxox

:-D GREAT!!!!! glad you did- for ME! :-*
*Cozying up right against you, and we start tickling each other, and ....*

MMMM burying my head in your chest,we both know, Superman... hehehehehe RIB TICKLES!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! You KNOW where I'm sensitive, as well! *Tickling you back- you know where!* ;-) :-*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hyster-ticklish laughs! suuuuccchhhha snnneeeaaaakkkkk!!!!! on noooooo hahahahahahahahaha love it though!

We BOTH love it, MY Lamb! MUAH! :-* :-D
Tickling is OUR love! ;-)

just a couple of WAY TICKLISH kids!!!!! that's us! Both love the playfulness and closeness it brings.

Me, too. And I LOVE YOU, ya ticklish lil girl! :-* Hehehehehe...

i love my affectionate,way ticklish lil boy! hehehehehehehe tickly lil kisses!!!!

*Little giggles as you tickle me* Kissing you DEEPLY! :-* LOVE YOU,! *goofy smile*

mama eagle tickling you with her wings. Just a baby eagle you are!

That's ME!!! YOUR baby eagle! :-)

TOO silly we are... hehehehehehehe BOTH get the sillies together. HUGS & KISSES!

Silly as we can be, but we deeply love each other in our silliness, too! HUGS and KISSES for mama eagle! Hehehehehehehe!

hugs and kisses for being my sweetheart!!!!! Love you soo much.

I LOVE YOU, too, Darling!!! ((((((((((((((((((((((Terry, KISSES))))))))))))))))))))))))

I love you, my honey! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JW))))))))))))))))))))))))))) & kiiiisssssseeeeesssss....

*Smiles, BIG hugs, and SWEET kisses for the woman I love!*

TRUCKLOADS of love for you! For the man I love!

We'll have to grab a Euclid (Army-sized dump truck) to pack our love with us, Sweetheart! :-D

packing it carefully... hmmm wheres this go..DON'T DROP THAT!!!!! hehehehehe LOVE YOU!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! LOVE YOU, TOO!!! :-D :-D If this Euclid drops it, we will be flattened! Giggling nervously

gigggling huh? hmmmm watcha giggling for..... poking you in the ribs.... hehehehehe kitchy kitchy....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! NOW ya got me laughing- forget the giggling! ;-)

*starting a tickle fight with you*


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