My Wife Played With As I Drove

My wife and i had been to a party and my wife had too much to drink, i drove home with my sister in law in the front seat with me as my brother in law sat next to my wife in the back seat. she was pretty much passed out so when i had put her in the back seat her modesty was pretty much out the window as her top was dropping and her legs were slightly apart in her short dress. i drove for a while then looked back to see my wife had fallen over leaning against my brother in law,,he had his arm around her and i thought his hand was cupping her left breast. we had an hour drive and my sister in law dozed off,, i snuck a peek in the mirror and my brother in law had slid his fingers into her bra and was tickling her exposed nipple.At first alarmed,,i was aroused to think how far he would take this. I reached back and as though to cover my wives breast, only to pull her top down exposing both beautiful *******, i could tell by the smile on his face, we were on the same page. with in seconds he had pulled her across his lap and was pinching and licking her hardened nipples. her dress had ridden up her thighs and her cream panties were in plain view now and i watched as he wasted no time in sliding his hand down to feel her *****. i could hear her wetness as he fingered her all the way home and smell her scent as her legs fell wide open.
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25 Responses Feb 19, 2012

thats a hot story

Absolutely brilliant account of what must have been a most incredibly erotic occasion!
I saw my wife too felt up in such a manner while she was in the back seat.

Both! And she was very enthusiastically interested in going the whole way with waht followed! It totally blew my mind to see my wife eventually riding another (older) man for about 15 mins in the backseat of our car.

Sounds like you should have had a good time with your sister in law.I would have pulled over and pulled her panties down on your sister in law and ate her ***** right in front of your brother in law.I would have had a ***** eatting time?

To bad your wife was passed out too. But the show was great

Sure hope you are going to report that some time you let him **** her?

Damn, would love to see and smell that! So hot!


oh im rock hard reading this !!

what a hot story

read this story 3x and each time I had to hold the ba<x>se tightly just to stop from blasting again! Awesome!

love to hear you tell me about it in person in a dark room on a couch.

or in your car in the front or back seat

Great story - Did she remember being felt up the next day?

Did he **** her? Do you wish he did if he did not **** to your wife?

nice story , did your wife remember any of this ?

I posted what my wife did one time in Vegas below, but sweet story!

nice story!! must of been fun to see this.

why stop there? what happened next? surely, he made her ***, yes?

Did your wife notice that she was pleasantly finger ****** when she woke up the next day?

So hot, I love it!

mmmm How naughty

Oh you are so naughty, you know what I teaser :)

hot story, would love my wife being in the back seat with your brother in law

I'll gladly ride in backseat with your wife but go further than he did?

A fine, hot story and hell of a good start!!

Very hot story wow

I agree, that is one hot story of watching the wife, thanks so much for sharing.

Dang that is a hot story! Thanks for sharing it. I sure would like to know if anything else happened!

I also had the pleasure of seeing this but like tjscooter she was awake and a willing part of it.<br />
But it is so great to see no matter how it happens