Oh My, Yes!

until i found this group i thought i was alone!

there's something seriously invigorating about feeling a nice, strong burst of wind. the kind that shakes the trees, blows your hair in your face, and prickles your skin with little goosebumps. ah, there's nothing like it! i feel like i immediately come to life when the wind blows. it makes me feel like jumping, celebrating, running a marathon. honestly, i get very, very excited by the wind!

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Dear runnagirrl ,<br />
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If you enjoy the wind , you might want to see my experiences in the EP group , I use to think the wind could blow me away . I don't think you will be disappointed . <br />
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my mom always tells her, "smell the breeze, sally!" it keeps her entertained for a long time!

i know, opensoul, wind is certainly not kind to umbrellas! i've lost a few that way too. although, i also like getting wet in the rain, so i don't always mind!<br />
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awww, my dog absolutely loves being outside when the wind is blowing! she gets as excited as i do! it blows the hair around her face and makes her look like a goddess. and it is especially welcome after months of snow and sleet and ice!