After so many of wedlock, one day my wife decided to open her mind of treasure thoughts and let me swim through them. And I was surprised and so excited to hear her stories.

My Wife had a bf, who was not romantic at all. But he was mad for her body. He openly used to tell her, she aroused him, every time he met her, and she was just after teens and had started to love her bodily developments and felt very happy that he noticed them. One day, he put his hands on her shoulders and she decided to let him travel and see what he was upto.
As she had guessed, his intentions were purely sexual. he grabbed her breasts and used to squeeze them and liked to listen to her moaning in pain. He always made sure to make her be topless with her breasts in his hands.
Then he unzipped and made her blow him. He made her take deep strokes forcefully by shoving her head over the shaft. She did not like it,but she loved the way she was treated.
She told me these stories many times now, and everytime I heard it, I had a hard on and we used to climax.
WorldneverEnds WorldneverEnds
36-40, M
Mar 9, 2016