Wife Fondled By Another Man

Some years ago my wife and I used to go to dance lessons with another couple, one evening we made arrangements to meet up and go to a dance.
We had a really good fun evening and occasionally we would swap partners to dance. On this particular evening my wife wore a strappy thin blue silky dress. At the end of the evening I was the designated driver and got into the driving seat for the journey home. My wife got into the back and expecting his wife to do the same I was surprised when his wife got into the front passenger seat to sit beside me. I then realised that the other guy got into the back to sit beside my wife.
Not saying anything I proceeded on the journey home which took around 45 minutes. It was difficult to see into the back of the car as the journey was poorly lit and it was quite dark but I felt a little uneasy as we eventually arrived saying I don’t know what was happening in the back. My wife a little flustered then climbed into the front seat beside me as we left the couple at their home. We broke of seeing this couple. It was some years later that she told me what had happened, apparently shortly after this guy had climbed into the back seat they began kissing, this took place for some minutes when she felt his hands feeling her breasts through her braless strappy dress. My wife did not object and he then proceeded to put his hands inside feeling her breasts which are quite large. After a while he then proceeded to pull her dress slowly so that the hem was at her knees (it was a long dress). He the slowly rubbed the inside of her thighs and then he pubic area, eventually putting his hands inside her skimpy knickers and proceeding to ********** her. As he started to push his fingers gently inside her in and out she orgasmed silently so as not to attract attention.
He then proceeded to take her hand and move it over the bulge in his trousers, as he did so he iunzipped his fly and put my wife’s right hand inside. My wife the proceeded to ********** him slowly but he came quite quickly. Amazingly all of this went on without me knowing about it. until some time later

Apparently this happened a second time a few weeks later but my wife made sure she carried enough tissue, knowing what would happen. The problem is that I get really excited as she retells me the story, I sometimes fantasise about other men doing this to my wife. Am I weird?

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Awesome experience and story. I love to hear my wifes stories. please add me

please let me know how it goes, thanks

NO its not at all weird, you should say to your wife that you would love it if she would have sex with another man, and keep telling her how much you love her.

You are not weird but have you thought about fondling his wife?

Actually yes but we don't see them any more as it was some years ago!
my wife has told me other stories since. We are mature in age now but I still enjoy the stories.