I Love When My Wife Goes Out With The Girls

My wife is hot. She always gets hit on when she goes out, and I love it. It can be as simple as guys buying her drinks, chatting her up, or asking her to dance.

She recently was in Vegas with a gf, and a college rugby player hit on her most of the night. She told him she was married and he wouldn't be getting lucky that night, but that didn't stop the two of them from getting drunk, flirting, and dancing until 3AM. My favorite part? A tie between 1) whenever she would shoot down his advances, he would plead "come on! You KNOW what you are doing to me!" and 2) she says that every time they danced he would get visible aroused. She never touched it, but just knowing that she could do that to a hot 20 year old made her hot.

I have told her that she is free to go as far as she would like, so long as she tells me all about it...
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i hope for both your sakes she takes it further next time

Subsequently in the retelling of this experience I learned the added detail that several times, while dancing, he pressed his harding c*ck against her. Unfortunately, she swears she immediately backed away every time. I like to imagine that it wasn't as immediate as she claims, and that at least a time or two she enjoyed the feeling of his hard-on pressing into her for a while.

My wife use to go to Vegas ever year with her bowling team. She use to tell me the same kind of stories. One time in Vegas after we had a few drinks, the subject came up about her bowling, and I asked her if she wanted to get ****** by another guy in Vegas, we could hire a Male Pro. She said hell no, but later on while having sex she said that well, maybe we could try it. We did and she loved it. That was her first time, but by all means not the last time.

I think all men like it, it is really hot. I went out with my wife 6 months ago and to spice things up we arrived at different times and pretended we didn't know each other. she had got there first and when I arrived she was all ready on the dance floor and my god she looked hot. Shortest little black dress, her louboutins and she was grinding with some guy on the dance floor. I stood and watched for ages until she noticed me and she looked at me and bit her lip. God I was so turned on, she told me later she wanted me to come over and but in. But I just stood there and watched.

She probably wanted to you prove how much she means to you by wanting her all for yourself. My guess is, you blew it, and she probably doesn't see you the same way or feel you love her as much, and may have lost some love and respect for you as a result. But you may never know.

Possibly so. I've told her it's natural male competition-adrenaline, and I don't actually want her to go all the way. Get her appetite wherever, but eat at home. This is not me disagreeing with you, btw - I don't think the fairy tale female love story includes being shared.

I don't know I think different people like different things, we are still really close and we do more of that stuff now, she admits that she enjoyed looking into my eyes and while she danced with the black guy on the dance floor, she enjoyed getting ready and spending a lot of time perfecting her outfit and the fact that I had bought the items for her especially. And I have to admit I loved it I had the best sex with her ever that night.

Great story. When my wife gets hit on, she enjoys the flirting back. then later when i'm licking and sucking her *****, she tells me about it. And her ***** tastes so sweet! I love it. Can't get enough

I wish. She would never allow it, and I won't post pics behind her back.<br />
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I will send her back to Vegas, out to hotels, girls' nights, etc.

Very hot. Any chance of getting some photos posted?

It's a very powerful feeling. Enjoy!

As you get deeper into the desires......you will get to enjoy the preparation, the flirting, the first kiss Hmmm, the consummation and the recounting sex. By joining us on EP you then get the added thrill of telling others about how your wife ***** others, craves **** and feeds you her *** filled ****.<br />
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As you can see I rather enjoy the whole game. :-). LoL

if the thought turns you on wait till you get to see her enjoying another man! Bill