Any One Here ?

My GF had sex with her frnds secretly.....but now days she don't want to do this because i knew it....any one here near KOLKATA(INDIA) who can have sex with my GF ......from which I can watch her live ****** with another but secretly.....if any one want to do they must have age between 24-34 nd need to convince my GF as a close frnd nd then ......
kkrktkmicsk kkrktkmicsk
26-30, M
8 Responses May 10, 2012

I will be coming to Kolkata sometime this year... you need to tell me how to convince your wife. Can I do try to "convince" her online somewhere?

I'm twice that age. Can I count as 2:-)

So wish I was visiting India she looks gorgeous and I just love Indian women.

hi i think i can convince her

i wud like to try my luck .....let's see whether really materialize ....or not...??

let me *** her also

@hornydeen.....She only likes to do this secretly... if u can convinced her then u can do everything with her.... i have no problem if can convince her... but i wanna watch this LIVE...

It could be that the enjoyed it being a secret more then anything.