Excited But A Little Saddened Too...

I was her second or third boyfriend in high school. She would have make-out sessions with the boyfriend but that was the total extent of it.

After we got together, we would also have extended make-out sessions that would get very passionate, however, she maintained absolute boundaries and wouldn’t let it get any further. During passionate kissing, I would lie on top of her and we’d hump each other. There was no touching allowed until I eventually began to rub her *** as we kissed.

Over time, we would partially undress and continue the kissing sessions. She would take off her pants or skirt but that was it. However, that led to me putting my hand in her underwear to feel her ***.

At a drive-in movie we had our first full petting session. She put her hand on my crotch outside my pants, and after taking it away, it put it back. That led to her feeling me outside my pants. I was feeling her nipples very softly. After she felt me for a while, I pulled my pants down and she felt through my underpants. I then took out my **** and she cried as she felt it.

We were totally in love and I wanted to marry her. We were each other’s first.

Within days we were having sex. It lasted for a long time as we were still in high school. The day came when she went away to college.

We maintained a long distance relationship but it was very difficult. I was jealous and would call at different times. I drove the long distance to her college a few times, but the strain on our relationship was difficult. I eventually found out she was cheating on me.

We got back together after a while and soon got married. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned about her other relationship. I am sure it was the only other one she’s ever had.

What I learned was both shocking and exciting. The other guy used to make her climax just about all the time during intercourse. She never made him wear a condom, and it’s a miracle she never got pregnant because she didn’t take the pill or use other birth control methods. The guy had a fatter penis than mine, and although she has never told me, I suspect it was bigger all around. I’m larger than average, so he must have been pretty big. He was able to make her come in the missionary position. She told me she came “once in a while” with him, but the more I probe, the more I believe it was nearly all times.

Their sexual relationship was strong. I’ve learned she did things to excite him that she has never done for me. She claims she doesn’t need to excite me, and he “wasn’t as horny” as I am. I asked her if he got really excited by her very sexy nightgowns, and her sarcastic response was, “No, he just laid there limp.” I asked if she wore the nightgowns all night and she said yes. “Did he get excited in the morning seeing you like that,” I asked. “I guess so.” I asked, “Did you have sex in the morning after you made love the night before?” Her answer was she didn’t remember.

Although hearing her comments really excites me, I also feel bad that she came with him, but I can only make her climax with my fingers or a vibrator. I find myself master bating and thinking about him pulling down her nightgown panties and playing with her before bringing her to or gasm. I can imagine her body stiffening as she came and him getting excited and ejac ulating after her climax.
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Well, Milepile, she almost always **** but not usually during intercourse with me. It's kind of frustrating, but I always make her *** during foreplay.

...but she doesnt *** during intercourse with you.. ever?

Good story. Thanks for sharing!

Great story!<br />
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My wife did the same to me--she ****** many, many guys when we were at different colleges.