My Wife Tricked 18 College Men To ***** Naked

When my Wife was in College she joined a Sorority . She was given the usual things a Pledge has to do to become a "Sister". The final requirement was to team up with two pledges you did not know and perform a random "task". There were envelops with different tasks and you reached in selected one without knowing what was going to be required. Their task was to get a picture of six different "college age guys" naked.
After the shock wore off they started to put a plan together. They went to a nearby town looking for an apartment for Rent. They found this nice older woman and explained they only wanted to rent this apartment for one afternoon. Next they had flyers printed that stated that "Playgirl" was looking for college guys to model and they could earn up to a thousand dollars. They bought a cell phone and listed the number and put the flyers in several male dorms. By the time that weekend came around they had over thirty appointments. One girl was the receptionist while my future Wife and the other girl were in charge of the photography. They explained to the guys that they had been hired by Playgirl magazine to Interview and photograph the candidates for a pictorial on College Men. "If" they were selected they would do a Photo shoot with a professional photographer that would take three to five hours and they would be paid two hundred dollars an hour at that time. Of their thirty appointments, eighteen guys agreed to show the "Full Monte". My wife told me it was so weird that these guys would just come into the room, answer a few questions (age, which college they attended, sports they played, etc) and then they would just *****. The other girl told them that since it was "cool" in the room if they needed to "fluff" to make themselves bigger it was "OK" but they did not want any erections. So these college guys would *****, jerk themselves a few times and then let two girls take pictures of them. The girls would select one picture of the guy that they would print and have him put his full name and a phone number where he could be contacted. There were a few "no shows" and a few backed out when they found they were going to have to pose nude. But at the end of the day they had eighteen different guy's naked pictures.
At the next Sorority meeting my Wife's Team had put together a DVD with music showing all the pictures.( They used "It's Raining Men") and had a bulletin board with the printed pictures with the guy's name and number. Needless to say my future Wife enjoyed four great years in the Sorority and she told me that bulletin board was still hanging on the wall when she graduated.
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I really hope this is one of the stories on here that is entirely make-belief. Don't get me wrong, I love CFNM and Male Embarrassment as much as the next person, but what your wife and her sorority did was utterly despicable.I'm pretty sure if a bunch of guys pulled a stunt like this and created a board of deceived nude women, they would be fined/arrested for extreme sexual crimes.I know this is a very supportive, community-ba<x>sed, website so I'll try to be as respectful as possible: shame on your wife for what she did. I won't say much more, but I pity and scoff at anyone who thinks this is acceptable.