Her College *********

During her first two years in college, my fiancee became pretty well known for being "that" girl.  One night at a party while playing a drinking game, one of her friends asked the question "Have you ever done a threeway?" When my fiancee said no, her friends all started calling BS, knowing that she was always down to ****.  After arguing back and forth, one of her friends dared her to have a ********* that night.  She accepted the dare.  One of the guys playing the game had banged her a few times, and apparantly pretty well, since she told him "Find a friend and let's do it".

So the guy finds another friend, and they all head to a bedroom.  Just as they turn to leave, her friend yells "And you have to leave the door open, so we know!"  Much to their surprise, she did. 

As was her routine, she ******** down to her panties, and hit her knees.  She proceeded to suck one of them off while stroking the other, swapping back and forth a few times.  After several minutes, she dropped her panties and knelt on the edge of the bed.  She kept sucking one of them off, while the other started pounding her from behind.  Halfway through, she stopped sucking, smiled and said "Switch!".  They traded spots, with the other guy getting to **** her.   After swapping, the guy she was sucking came in her mouth almost instantly (not that I blame him, she gives a fantastic *******).  She let the other guy **** her for awhile longer, before turning around and saying "You're ******* in my mouth too." She then sucked the other guy off, swallowing his load as well.

The thought of my fiancee getting nailed by two guys is hot enough.  What's hotter is remembering that she left the door open.  She said she didn't notice, but after it was over, her friends (who did go to check) said that people kept walking past the door all the time.  It's even hotter imagining my then 19 year old fiancee with a **** in her mouth, a **** in her ***** and people watching her ****. 

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2009

Good girl. She was a hot wife in training - hope the fun continued after you got married!

This is probably my favorite story on this entire website.

WOW, very hot story, I hope she has kept some of her "edge".