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My wife and I were married at the young age of 20.  We are from a small town and I had gone off to college for a couple of years as she had stayed here to go to the local university. At the time of our marriage I was under the impression I was the only person she had been with. I also began to develop this fetish of seeing her with another man. Especially a man with a really big ****. We both love watching **** and having sex. It all began by me asking her questions during sex about the guys ***** in the movies. I would ask her if she liked them and how big they were and things of that nature. She always insisted that she liked to see them in acion on the movie but never thought about them going in her. She said she didn't think about being with anyone at all, she just liked to watch it. At times she would get kind of mad at me for asking the same questions so I had to stop for a while but they eventually returned.  I would even ask her if she could be with another man and she would say no. I then started suggesting that we let her go out to a bar and pick up a guy. I told her I wanted her to see what it would be like to be with another man. This just really made her mad and she could not understand me. I couldn't understand me either but she could tell how turned on I was and she was really confused. Finally in one of our nights of hot sex I was asking her if she could be with someone and she finally just said "I already have been". It was a total shock. I said what. She said I already have been with someone else and I don't want to do it again. Well being that I thought she had only been with me it really messed with my emotions. Even though I was asking her to do it for me it still shocked me to hear it. I was in a crazy state at the time. I was super turned on and at the same time I was super jealous. It was so strange and she had begun to cry a bit but soon quit. My **** was super hard and my stomache was in knots. Well I went ahead and finished. Afterwards we were laying there in complete silence when she finally asked are you mad. I said no, just surprised. I asked her who she was with and turn out it was 2 other guys. I knew one of them but not very well. I was in total shock and still fighting my emotions. We laid there and I started asking details and she wouldn't tell much but as much as I was struggling with the situation the hornier I became. She couldn't understand it. I would ask about their *****, were they bigger than me. She said no, in fact she said one was tiny. I had to **** her again and kept questioning her. She told me it was rather lame sex and very quick. There wasn't much to tell. Well I went to sleep that night and woke up with a strange feeling in my stomache. I didn't know what to think. I tried to ask her more quesions the next night during sex but she said she didn't want to talk about it. She said she regretted it and wish she had never done it. I felt good that she said that but at the same time still turned on by her actions. I still ask her about it from time to time but she won't go there some 20 years later. I love my wife, she is a church girl with a naughty streak. She loves to watch nasty **** but she doesn't like talking about hers or my sexual past. It pretty much turns her off if I mention it. I still can't quit fantasizing about her taking a huge **** from a complete stranger. Maybe some day. I have been warned that once fantasy becomes reality problems will arise. Hope you kind of enjoyed this is the first time I have ever written a story.

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she is holding out on there is more

Very interesting........

Welll.. I've given this same advice numerous times but here goes: Get her all dressed up for an evening out.. Keep telling her how hot she looks and that just about every man in the place has their eyes on her.. Maybe reach over and undo a button or two on her blouse giving a bit of a cleavage shot......stroke her knee as your sitting at your table.. keep pointing out guys that are checking her out.. Feed her a few cocktails and make yourself scarce for a bit. Once you return some guy will by then have approached her. You return to the table and invite him to join the two of ya.. From there on ... play it by ear! Bill in Va.<br />
p.s. Let me know the time and place and I'll give ya a hand!

my wife became more comfrotable with it whe I told her I liked to hear about her stories because it made ma appreciate her more as a sexual being. that of course other have enjoyed her because she is hot and I like to hear about it. turns me on to her more. guess she got it.

I agree with need to slow down and get a hold of your feelings about this...Be sure you want to know all the details. Women don't usually like to discuss their past because they fear you will be jealous or stop loving them. Take it slow and build the trust will have better results...just my opinion...but it has worked for me and resulted in some very hot experiences. Good luck! dc