Right Now I Don...

Right now i don't have a boyfriend but in the past i could careless if one of them talked to a *pretty* girl. Being attracted to other people is normal to me, as i can be attracted to other men, but that is all it is, a mere attraction, a biological response. Pretty does not equal a good person, nor does it mean that they are not. But luckily beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if not than we might as well all look the same. Pretty is the outside, BEAUTY (imo) is in the inside. A beautiful person may not be by societies standards *pretty* and yes i know this is all semantics, but thank heavens for the interpretations of different words. A BEAUTIFUL person is someone who exudes self confidence, has healthy self-esteem, is proud of who they are, is kind to people and is also trustworthy. I would take a non-GQ guy who spends the day improving his life and the Lives of others over (yes i am STEREOTYPING, so don't take a fit) over a GQ guy, who's best friend is his mirror.
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I agree with this fully. I have never been the jealous type either. I like your explanations of pretty and beautiful too. :)