recently on arafting trip down the delaware river ,i had a one of unexpected opportunitty's to be watched.
at the end of the trip down the river was an old wooden shack,divided in half for men and women to change out of there bathing suits,and back into something dry for the ride home.well iwas all alone on the male side whe i noticed a hole in the wall looking into the other side.the womans side had little booths for them to go into,the mens side had just benches and tables.so stood in veiw of the hole,so any female could see me,but there was nobody there at this time.so i locked the mens side door and ******** down naked and began to towel off.couple of seconds later i hear the womans side door open and close.now iam hoping.........YES.....3 GIRLS.....but they dont see me yet.i walk past the hole in the wall twice naked......that did it,ive been seen. i walk to the other side of the room ,with my back to them,still naked,i hear gigling and one girl says..."turn around big boy,i ts obvious u want us to see".so i turned pro file fully errect,they were fighting to take turns looking.i didnt say aword ,just enjoyed the moment.
shyguyrichieb08 shyguyrichieb08
36-40, M
Aug 3, 2010