In More Ways Than One!

Even when I have a full night of sleep, I am silly anyways. So, on the days that I have less sleep or try to stay awake late at night... I get weirder! I start to forget how things operate... For example, trying to drink my asthma inhaler and using my soda to try curing an asthma attack. :-/

The most weird thing that I did, one sleepy night, was put my glasses, my bracelet, my ipod, my digital cam, and a glass fairy in the middle of my bed. I was ready to lay on them, but something snapped me out of it, in time! I guess I was thinking about these items, as I was getting ready for bed, and my sleepy brain decided to collect them into a pile. If I had collapsed on them, that would have been painful and most of it would have been broken! Especially my glasses and glass fairy! :-o

And one sleepy night, I push the wastebasket in my room (where I throw away my soda cans and dirty tissues), across the floor and left it by my door. Why? I have no idea! But, the next morning, I was confused... as I got up to use the bathroom and fell over the tiny basket! XD

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Mar 14, 2009