Aharon's Coming!!!

I'm finally in DC, I feel like I've talked about coming here before but if not...

I recently started my program and it's significantly more overwhelming than I anticipated. I have yet to make any real friendships with people other than my roommate, Scott. He currently thinks I'm straight so that makes things weird.

He thinks Aharon is a former mentor who became a close friend - something like that?

I told Aharon that we should stay somewhere, I'll pay for it while he stays here so we can at least act like a couple without Scott knowing; he suggests I not say anything unless Scott asks and if he does, just tell him.

I'm afraid to because at this point I've gone along with his comments on women& such. And even if he is ok with me being gay he's probably going to still think my relationship w/Aharon is weird due to how we met and then our age difference.

It's so easy for Aharon to tell me to tell Scottnyet he's still the straight pious Jew to most of his friends/aquaintances. Last time I checked several of his people had no idea that he moved from his wife and kids. Ordinarily I'd be pissed off at him but it's been too long since I've seen this man and he'll be staying with me for two weeks, so it's fine. I'm so nervous!

I probably have been acting like a weirdo spazz but whatever, I can't help it. Aharon will be here soon, I can't wait! I just hope my roommate is ok w/everything.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Bro if he's an actual friend he won't care who you love.