Fun Stuff..not

ill just be minding my own business. doing my work. getting things done having a great time you know and then bam! for a split second im back 2 years seeing the girl i loved and hate. and then im back. ive actually stopped what i was doing. completely frozen. kinda funny when im chopping up veggies and just stop knife midair with a confused look on my face. then i spend the next 5 to ten minutes just pissed off.  So angry for no reason. why cant i just forget! im done with all that the depression the constant anger the hope. finally came to terms with it. i dont really spare a thought for the things back then except when at the drop of a hat i get a short mental picture. i really wouldnt mind if these images didnt make me so angry. to the point of lashing out hitting something or verbally assaulting the air or someone. i hope they go away. i just never want to see her again. even in my memory.
cnherr cnherr
18-21, M
May 5, 2012