Just Because You Disagree Doesn't Mean I Am Wrong

I think there are very few things as annoying on EP as people who delete valid comments because they disagree with what is written.
I don't actually understand it to be honest. I don't see how you can write something, having an opinion on the subject, the have total disgregard for what anyone else has to say. Because my opinion is different than your's doesn't mean it is any less valid, it doesn't mean that I am right and it doesn't mean that I am wrong.
I think that people need to understand that there will be differences of opinion here, but that is the whole point of writting. It is sharing one point of view or one story. But you need to be open to the fact that there will be differences of opinion, and that the other side is just as vaild as your own.
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welshbabe, i was at an opera once, sitting in front of a very grumpy man who seemed to be attending simply to ***** about the soprano who is singing. the woman accompanying him sighed a lot in response, obviously not wanting to agree or openly disagree with him. at intermission, i heard her say, finally, "clyde, remember than opinion is like an ******* -- everyone has one." ;)

thecarer, even if it's hard to accept, it helps to say it over and over -- to tell one's self. then someday, you'll find you've actually swallowed the hard truth, after all? ;)

I agree, everyone has an opinion and all are entitled to that "opinion"! Who's to say, if they the one whom is giving an opinion is "right or wrong"! :D <br />
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Thank you for sharing your post sir! :D :D

It will always be the case that there are a few who have very set bl<x>inkered thoughts and what they believe is right and every thing else wrong.Most of us on here welcome debates,comments etc as one thing can work for one but not another so different ideas are essentual.

tendereyesprincess and mdespun, there are also those who delete their comments because they find they get "attacked" ... and rather than just deal or ignore it (they can ignore them -- nothing wrong with that), they delete their comments, as if they were never there. that's so sad and so totally against what i think EP is about. if you want to disagree, that's great! but don't backpedal and pretend it never happened -- that's making EP more dull and mundane. criticism can be tough, but we could all do with less thin skins, maybe?

Some people like only the advice they want to hear but most of the time what you do not want to hear is really the best advice. Personally i take all the advice i need good and bad there is a big difference between an insult and someone who genuinely is giving advise good advise:)