The Forbidden Temple Part 2

One of the cowled figures throws back the cowl covering their head. When the person steps into the light, I see her face. I'm surprised, to put it mildly, to see that my kidnapper is a woman.

They all throw back their cowls and step into the lamplight so that I can see them. Twenty people, all young women...they let their robes drop away from their naked bodies. They are all wearing dildoes strapped to their crotches. The one who was first to reveal her face now climbs up on the alter, where I lie bound and gagged, my body completely naked. She straddles my hips, thrusts her ***** into my vagina, brings her weight down on me...thrusting deep and hard...

One by one, my kidnappers enter me...all night, they thrust themselves inside me...their bodies warm against mine, their beautiful breasts ******* and bouncing in front of my eyes as they **** me...
Drena Drena
31-35, F
Mar 25, 2011