Tied Up And Left

I was at home, when my wife was deciding to have some fun with me being handcuffed. During this time, our roommate came home and decided this would be the best time to take advantage for the first time ever. She took my wife and tied her up infront of me. After that all happened, she started feeling her hands all over my face, making my wife really mad, but me really horny. She then gagged me with her underwear, and taped my mouth shut. Took my wedding ring off and flushed it down the toilet, and started taking pictures for blackmail. I was forced to wear a chasity belt every day, and never have sex with my wife or anyone ever again. Here I am today being forced to write this, in handcuffs.
jerux jerux
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

i am jealous