Naked, Cuffed And Gagged On Your Bed

Imagine if you will a tall, slender, dark-haired girl, lying stretched out on your bed. She's naked, her wrists are cuffed behind her back, her ankles are bound with cord, and she's gagged tightly with a couple of bandanas.  You've taken her clothes away and hidden them, so that even if she does get free, she won't be able to find anything to wear. She's your helpless prisoner... As often as I can find willing partners (which is quite often, believe me ^v^) I have sex with them while handcuffed and gagged on their's my favourite fantasy...

Drena Drena
31-35, F
22 Responses Jan 22, 2010

That does sound interesting to say the least. I Would love to be part or your dream to.

It's amazing how we can become addicted to the pleasure and associate it to bondage.

Yes it is a common fantasy but there are not all that many with the courage to pursue it. I give you cudo,s for the guts to go for what you like. my favorite image that I have of a bound woman is to have her kneel on an ottoman that is made so her *** is the right height for penetration. I would use thumb cuffs and place her hands upon the floor, her legs would be bound using a spreader bar. In this way using gravity she is helpless and every part of her is accessible for floggers paddles vibrators feathers or just about any toy imaginable.

lets make it *** so hard just thinking of what id do to u. <br />
evil grin

please continue the story

I would like to be hogtied and gagged right next to you.

mmmm yes indeed!

The delicious envelopment of knowing you're helpless can be such an otherworldly experience when one embraces her submission. Great telling of a true bondage tale, as such fantasies are meant to be made real:)

I wish you weas near so we coiuld act these fantsies out


How can I possibly help?<br />
Your fantasy needs to be expounded upon.

I think Drena that I would have to replace the bandanas with an O ring gag. Your hands would be tied folded behind your back and attached to a collar to keep them high up your back. Your legs would be pulled uptoward your head(so you are folded in half), with a rope under your back at around shoulder level and tying your knees tightly down besides your breasts. <br />
<br />
This way your mouth, ***** and arse are all available for pleasure and torture. The instrument of this is a fine artist brush just lightly playing on the sensetive areas..............

Would love to help fulfill any other fantasies you have.

So sweet, hog tied, gagged and *** ****** until until your little asspussy is wide open and wet.

Can't get enough, PJ...

That sounds nice, reggie...I'd love to be gagged and bound in a room with you...;)

I hav no experience but I am open to this idea(bondage).

first i would make you suck my **** then **** you till you *** mutiple times then give it to you in the *** yill i get ready to *** and give you a facial

I would **** you mecilessly until you were exhausted from *******. Then I would tie you into a different position and **** you some more.

Sounds like a normal week at my house ;)

i,ve been handcuffed afew times it is fun but you really better trust that person. my first time i just got embarressed .its under i want to know your embarressing naked story "its called too small to ,ess with but will laugh at and show it to friends.women can be cruel ,but i still love them

I've been hogtied and gagged a number of times...

I don't often wish it ... but this fantasy <strong>does</strong> make me wish I was a girl.