Drugs, Drugs, & More Drugs

First I believe that it is a personal choice to take drugs or not...I choose to do so and am no nevcomer to this since I have had more than 40 years of practice. I know of few drugs that I have not tried. It is just a shame that the state trys to regulate what I can or can not put in my body, The "war on drugs" is a total fialure and will end in the next 10 years due to budget problems.Now mind you there are some people who should never do drugs but this is a practice where I excell. One of the draw backs with probition is not only does it cause crime but increases the cost of drugs, it is this reason why I will go to a country in south or central america and do drugs in peace at a fraction of the cost.Watch out Colombia here I come. Lock up the women
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I smoke every day, before work ,when i get home, and in the evening...been 15 yrs smokin,on and off for a few years, didnt smoke much when younger but now..oh yeah..kids,work and the world, scared about future.who wouldnt..but cant function w/o seems like...life sucks and it helps..me