All My Days Have Melted Into One Long Pointless Day

Every day, it's the same scenario: at night after everyone's finished with school/work/or in some cases, absolutely nothing at all - my friends and I meet up in their neighborhood.  We score, get high - we used to hang out after this part, but lately that's just getting scrapped.  Now after getting high we all just go home. 

It makes me feel like we're all just interchangeable - they could replace me and I could replace one, some, or all of them - and there'd be no difference.  Is it the drugs that keep us together as friends?  Probably. 

I have plenty of friends who don't get high, and I suppose I could spend time with them if I were serious about getting out of the life I'm in now.  But they're just such boring ******* people.  I know it's cruel and harsh of me to say that about them but it's just the damn truth and I can't help but feel it. 

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i stay high 247

The only difference between what might be considered a rich and varied day or a boring day is what you put into it and what you get out of it. Clearly, you get very little out of either; you says as much. We can all find ourselves rutted into a hum-drum routine where each day is no different than the last. I assure you that a lot of people would relate with what you are saying here. But … for something to change it is *you* who has to make that happen.<br />
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There is so much that you can do, but this is something that only you can decide. Clubs, associations and hobbies are many and varied, but firstly there has to be an interest on your behalf to *want* to do something. It seems that you are rutted in the one place and that you are stagnated. The difference between your situation and someone who considers themselves to have a full and interesting life is that they went out and found something fulfilling to do.<br />
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Look around you and look at what is available to you. I would say that you need to change something to break free from your hum-drum routine, but it might be that you have to initially do this alone. Are you prepared to do something to put some richness and interest into your life? That is the first question and one you need to address before you can move onto something that you find interesting. But in any event, it starts with *you*.<br />
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Hoping that you find something that you can latch onto which will bring a great interest in your life and give you a feeling of there being life *in* your life.<br />
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I was like you at one point in my life. Getting high is GOOD if you combine it with something - like good conversations, exploring the beauty of nature, listening to good music. Once upon a time grass and other drugs were considered "mind expanding drugs". But in some cases they can dull the mind. Perhaps you need to spend time by yourself. Read a good book, go for a walk in the park. Read religious, philosophy books. Take a short weekend trip (the kind you take by plane, bus or car) somewhere. You need a change of consciousness (which is what drugs are advertised as)

I don't know what you are going through but I do know that those friends that you have that get high really don't care about you. I know that from experience. I once started hanging out with some people but in the end, I stopped for one day and the next day, they didn't remember who was I. I suggest don't go for one day and if they ask you the day that you don't do it why you weren't there, they aren't your real friends. If they are your friends, great, if not, go to the mall find some real friends. Just so you know, try reducing the times you get high because it can damage your health.

Lol i feel you man. All i do with my friends is smoke or party other than that we dont do ****. And my friends that dont smoke or party i dont have fun when were together. ****, i think the inly reason i have fun with my friends who smoke and stuff is because were either high or drunk.