Only My Dealer Knows What a User I Am

At this point, I'd have to get caught or go broke to stop.  I literally smoke pot at least once a day, and I have done so since around about October 1993.  This time span encompasses college, grad school, and over 13 years of professional employment since then.  I am gainfully employed - climbing the career ladder even - and I am a responsible mother, taxpayer, wife, voter and proud employee of a major university.
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I believe it's totally okay to smoke grass and I wish I lived in a state where there was medical marijuana. It would probably help me with imsomnia and help me with depression. Help with a sense of humour. Haha!! But it isn't funny because it is illegal and why should people scapegoat marijuana smokers??? It is ridiculous!! I smoked when I was younger, people "wink" at young grass smokers, but they don't "wink" at parents who smoke. Now I am an empty nester and I would like to smoke, but I would feel "paranoid" of neighbors (it smells). Of course I could add it to pasta!! the Bible says "a little wine is oftentimes good for thine infirmities" It also says "don't drink to excess" Excess in all things are wrong. A little pot is GOOD!!! is quite crazy the fear society has put towards a little plant that remedies so much....!!! Do you know that when I feel sick as a dog with a the worst cold ever....all I have to do is partake in a little smoking of m-j and I feel great!!! It may not be a cure but everyone knows that such a thing does not exist but man-o-man does it ever take care of all of the symptoms of the common cold....not to mention head aches, insomnia, mentrual cramping and I'm almost ready to say just about any ailments that causes pain....medical use of marijuanna is a must but gov't stop it all around because the big pharmaceutical companies would never hear of the free, grow your own relief!! anyways, I too am a regular user, that is a mom, wife, professional carreer person who loves the feeling and the relaxation of weed!!

No need to feel guilty! How many people die from marijuana overdose??? Come on, they less harmful than nicotine. I have self medicated for years, since I was 18 in fact. Once I discovered it helped with my was downhill from there. At least once a day. I hate the fact that certain people cause us to live in fear of getting caught...

I love your story. I love to smoke too! The sad part is my husband is in law enforcement and totally against it. When I first met him he found papers in my pocket & I told him I wanted to quit. He has held me to it. we broke up once because he smelled smoke on my mouth. I love him to death he is a great man but will not give an inch where this is concerned. I led him to believe that I quit but have been doing it on occasion behind his back. I was recently found out by him & promised it was a one time thing...well here I go again trying to be honest but I love the feeling I get from smoking and there is NOTHING that can replace it. I have tried drinking, anti depressants, yoga etc.. My family, friends, children dont know I do it...well some friends do.. I hate to be deceitful but what about what I want... I know he is afraid of consequences if I got caught somehow and his friends co workers found out.

I used to be like that, man do I miss pot. Presently I'm looking for a job & now that every place has drug tests I've just quit until I get situated into a permanent position. It's been almost two years! Now that I look back, I can see that I don't need it and I've grown quite a bit without - but there's nothing like a brief walk in the clouds daily if you can do it & make it work for you.

Marijuana is a better option for the body than the anti depressants and anti anxiety medications.

Plentiful examples of sensible people, not much different to the people who drink.