Good Weed

my favorite is hydro,,i was with some pals one night and we was just out smokin in the woods,by the way i was on probation at the time,anyways we was smokin,and somebody beamed a light in our eyes and said,puts your hands on top of your heads and name your names from left to right,,they started calling out names,,i slid behind a tree,then anotherone,then another til i found my way out of there,,about an hour later my friends told me it was a guy who lived down the way trying to find out who was taking shots at his dog.i was wasted that night but i wasn't going to get caught by no po.po.
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I'm glad to hear that you "got" away. Weed should be legalized even though I cannot smoke it. It gives me a scary feeling. Probably mixes with my meds. I used to LOVE to drink, but that mixes with my meds, so I don't do that anymore. I used to drink every day when I was younger. I loved my Salty Dogs. Now, it's Diet Ginger Ale. Glad you can have fun. Some day it will be legal. I know it.

Poo Poo on the po po. One night Justin, Niel and I went over to a supposed friends of theirs. He asked to borrow Justins car to go cop. I give him my last 40$ and he says he will be right back. A half hour goes by - no hour - where is this guy?...two hours - call the guy he was supposed to go see and he had already been and gone...three hours - i'm pissed and Justin doesn't know what to do...four hours....five hours....six hours - Justin calls the sheriffs office to see what can be done ( Cant report a car stolen if you handed them the keys) This guys house is a mess. There is nothing worth taking to replace the car or the money. He has perifanalia laying all over the house. All of a sudden there was a loud banging on the door. Niel peeks out the window and comes running towards us saying its the cops. I had just taken a hit off the pipe and was standing there not knowing what the hell to do, pipe in hand. Niel rushes to the slidding door out into the bacyard. I followed him. He looks both ways from left to right and jumps over the backyard fence into the neighbors yard. I follow him almost blowing out my knee. Justin durring this time is rushing around the house trying to stash all the perifanalia and then goes and opens the door. We were long gone by then. I had my daughter come and give me a ride back to the house later. Come to find out the police were there because Justin had called 911 and then hung up because he got scared. The police were just there to make sure everything was alright. There was no way I was gonna get caught in that house loaded. I would have went to jail for sure. I left with my daughter. Mean while the guy still hadn't showed up with the money or the car. Justin told me later that he finally showed up late that night with no money and no stash. What a messed up night. LOL