High Right Now

after a too d@mn logn time I got high and I´m writing this but I´m also dancing

and i was told it could help me quit smoking which is much more adictive, on me at least



utopianmefi utopianmefi
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 29, 2008

I looove gettin' high :P When I did quit smoking cigarettes for 8 months, weed was a factor in my success. I'd try to keep busy during the day, and if I had cravings at night, I'd just smoke a bowl and quickly forget about 'em! So yea, give it a go if you want to be tobacco-free.<br />
Oh, and there is nothing in marijuana that is physically addicting. You might develop a psychological addiction if you are high all the time over a period of several months. After that, it would be weird to not be high.