Fighting The Hives

A little while ago, one of the members of EP mentioned a new medicine to try for my hives. Sigh, nothing makes any difference actually, they come whenever I break my new rules. 1. No tight clothes, 2. No tight shoes, 3 No jeans, no jean shorts, no socks, no bras with thin straps, good lord there is probably another 80 rules I could add. No stress is the biggest one of all. Stress equals instant major hive breakout, anything will set them off. Why am I always getting stressed out? I'll blame my husband. We can't make plans because of his predictament. I can't plan what school my boy can go to, because his dad wants to move every other month. He'll talk like he really means it and then of course nothing happens. I don't have a cable contract because we don't want to be tied down. Now, I can't have a cell phone upgrade because that would mean another contract and he doesn't want it. He says I don't need a smart phone, my old dumb phone is good enough. My daughter has graduated from High School and she lives away from home with her friends as much as possible because she and her stepdad don't get along. I hate him for that. If it wasn't for our son I wouldn't be here anymore. I thought I was leaving him and then ended up staying. Now I feel totally depressed about it, when I was happy before because I thought I was going to get my own life. His tears and begging made me stay but I feel like I betrayed myself. He is sick with possibly an ulcer and won't go to the doctor. I stayed because I thought he was sick, which he is, but him refusing to go to the doctor makes me feel like he is controlling me with his illness. His own son is worried about him. Oh, no the job is soooo much more important then him going to an afternoon doctors appt. He complains everyday, he winces in pain everyday, he sighs everyday and its just getting on my last HIVE.
Anaheart Anaheart
May 22, 2012