My Migranes

i have been getting migranes at least 6 times a year since i was around 6 they always jump up on me un expectedly i have slowly learned to look for signs of a migrane blurry eyes stomache sickness and dizzness to the point were i can't stand up these migranes always end up with a trip to the hospital i have tried several different types of medicenes none of them working such as aspirn ibprofin and hydrocodome some of them acutally make it worse wether it be the stomache sickness or the dizzyness these migranes get so bad if there is no way to get to the hospital the only other way to get rid of the migrane is to sleep it off and being in so much pain it is hard to sleep i have learned a few yoga tricks to release pressure and if i am able to do it so enough in the migrane it sometimes does reduse the pain if any of you have any suggestions for my migranes it would be greatly apprieciated
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1 Response Jun 14, 2007

Hi there. Don't know if it would help, but maybe try to find a good acupuncturist. I work for one and trust me, I was rather skeptical in the beginning. One day, I had a bad headache (not a migraine though) and went for a acupuncture treatment for healing from surgery. I mentioned the headache to my boss and he gave me a treatment for that (while giving the surgery treatment as well). Needless to say, the headache was gone and it hasn't been back (and I usually get them pretty frequently). My acupuncturist also said that he used to get horrible migraines as a child and that his grandmother took him to an acupuncturist as a last resort. After a few sessions, he was migraine-free. He doesn't profess to be able to "cure" everyone, but it's certainly worth a shot.