Coffee and Sugar!

I turn into a squirrel, whenever I get coffee into my system. I talk fast, I giggle a WHOLE LOT, and I find myself dancing to the music in my head. BUT... it gets worse, when I add sugar to the mix, like donuts and coffee OR cinnamon rolls and coffee... or a combination of donuts, cinnamon rolls, and coffee! Then watch out! :-o

I'm much like a hyper kid or hyper squirrel, once the coffee and sugar combine! I'm practically bouncing off the walls... well, pacing the room and repeating Japanese words non-stop, singing and dancing, replying to an EP message, then getting up again to pace! XD

The bad side-effect is the CRASH to it all... once it leaves my system, I feel like a zombie. I talk like one and walk like one. I would be in trouble, if some armed Resident Evil fans were around, when I am in this state! And the only cure for it is more coffee and more sugar, just to get me back to normal. :-/

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

dude were twins