I Get Impatient With Rude People

 I know it's a huge character flaw on my part. Trying to grocery shop and a very large person has their cart alongside the meat counter talking on their cell phone, sends me over. All I want is a pack of hotdogs but I can't get around them .  I take these situations as exercises is self control. First I get my blood pressure under control and resist the impulse to state loudly " excuse me, you're not the only person in this store, you are being thoughtless and rude" Instead I try and make my presence known, this usually has no effect then I calmly with a smile loudly say excuse me. This generally gets some results. Thankfully they have no idea what is going on in my mind or I would be charged with aggravated assault. People just seem to be getting ruder and ruder. Completely un aware of anyone else in their space. I was raised to be thoughtful, to take into account people around you and I tried to do the same with my kids but that seems to be a thing of the past. Yesterday, and I have to laugh, as I was leaving the hardware store a gentleman on the other side of the swinging glass door saw me approaching and held it wide open for me to pass through first except his grown son behind him saw the open door and rushed through nearly flattening me and his father in the process. Actually I found that one amusing but I don't find people on their cell phones blocking traffic, blocking store isles and holding up lines at the post office amusing at all. I find them insufferable self-centered idiots. Maybe I'm just a cranky o'l lady that's jealous I'm not talking to someone 24/7 unaware of my surroundings and the people in it.      
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Cell phones have becopme the bane of existance.Common sense would tell you that not everyone want to hear about you exploits of the night before using language that would make a sailor blush. I recently watched a 340 pound gentle giant who was holding hands with two cute lil girls about 5 years old. He made a loud throat clearing noise and he told the children to sit on the bench and walked over removed the cell phone and crushed it. The guy started to protest and he quietly told him that if he uttered one more profanity in front of his grandchildren that he was going to be looking for a lot more than a nedw cell phone. He then produced a business card an gave it to the offending party. Who immediately left much to the delight and puzzlement of everyone present.<br />
I've always wondered exactly was printed on that big ole mans card.<br />
Musta been a doosey. hehehe

Touché! It goes both ways. I was behind a woman in the post office line that was so busy talking on the phone she wasn't paying a bit of attention to the postal worker that was trying to find out how she wanted her package shipped. Wonder why they go POSTAL?? I swear I wanted to grab the phone out of her hand, smack her with it and point out that this woman behind the counter was doing a job and the least she could do was pay attention!

Not only are people more rude to each other as patrons, they are more rude to the public helpers. As someone that answers a telephone frequently in an office, people are hateful, demanding, impatient, and disrespectful. But then, I'm seeing an influx of really rude cashiers and service helpers, too! I love those dead toned people in a drive thru that seem deflated as they say " Can I help you?" Like we're a bother instead of their paycheck!! And there are some cashiers that if they ever cracked a smile, I tell you, their faces would break off!! There needs to be a manditory Mannerism Course starting in high school to prevent the up-coming generations from becoming what we have! Public Relations is becoming obscure!!