Don't Make Me Be Bad!

I too confress to temporary primal agression tendancies when confronted by, drivers who try to  drive into the side of my car on the freeway  "Because they have a cell phone installed in their ear" I cannot count the times that I have been in near misses, held waiting , stuck behind idiots who decide the only place that they can talk on call phone is the out driveway! I confess to actually removing one gentlemans side view mirrror after I had to get out of vehicle and ask him to carry on his conversation somewhere else. He flipped me off and rolled up the window. Danger overpressure alert. After ignoring me polite request to egress the vehicle and discuss it I observed that several of the items on his vehicle appeared to be in danger of falling off, I dutifully removed his side view mirror, wipers etc and laid them on the hood . He pointely ignored me. I told him I was going to shove the vehicle out into the street if he was still blocking the way by the time I got to my truck. I courteously waited until traffic would be clear enough to assist him with his problem. The truck had no problem installing the Lexus into the center lane on the street. They really dont make those things all that well I guess, and him jamming the brakes on didnt help much either! hehehe

In retrospect I realize that this wasnt very nice. I spoke to my Psyc and he agreed that I could use a lil bump in my meds. The tranquilizers help. But these folks still irritate me beyond belief. I am shoping for a paint ball gun and a marine Air horn. Now that I have seen them applied quite effectively!My friend carries a paintball gun and a marine air horn, he is ruthless in his campaign to wake the folks described up to the fact that they are causing others to lose it. The beauty of it is that a hit on the center of the windshield pretty much requires ya ta pull over and wipe it off!

The air horn is also a stunning reminder to put the phone down. Wow is it loud.

Quid Pro Quo' to those who crap upon the public at large!


Now What I did was unquestionably beyond the pale. However these inconsiderate, self centered, rude ******** need to wake up to the fact that. Not all of us are willing to put up with the arrogant behavior they exhibit casually ignoring the rights and welfare of others. If you are one of these idiots then be advised! Not everyone will put up with you!


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2 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Impatience is being rude- being aggressive arrogant etc. is being rude-

I think the paint gun idea is fantastic, however it could cause an injurious accident. I'd prefer to paint ball the side of the car with enamel quick drying paint. Imagine the cost to get that cleaned up.