I Have to Bite My Tongue!

I often come across rude people especially working as a sales assisstant. But just as an example of "rude" on a day to day basis for me, i will tell you about 2 customers i had to do. I work at Blockbuster Video and every member has a members card. We ask for it everytime but most of them forget it, so for security purposes we ask to see ID instead, so we can look up their membership and know we are giving it to the right person. This one guy came up and as usual i ask if they have their card, he said no, so i said have you any ID? he looks at me in disgust "excuse me? ID?" so i say it's for security reasons and he could be anybody trying to use anybodys account (which is true) and he says "Urgh! well the manager know me". My boss was at the back of the shop and we was really busy and no way could he have heard me if i'd have called him over. So i politely said "well sir i don't know you, my boss isn't here to confirm and the ID is standard procedure for members without their cards", so then he delves into his wallet and chucks his driving license at me. I take it like it hasn't bothered me even though by this time i wanted to slam his head onto the counter. I start to type in his name onto the computer and he throws another card at me. Then he just starts chucking every card he has in wallet at me all the while shouting "is this enough ID for you! How about this one? or this or this!" A*hole.

Second (was a man again) and he wanted a Nintendo DS. We have display boxes on shelves and on that very day (which was busy again) we had ran out and didn't have time to put out of stock stickers on them. So this guy comes up with a box and i explain we have sold out of them. He goes "your f*cking joking aren't you?". So i just said "well no and i'm sorry" and then i recommend a few places where he might have more luck. He just starts shouting "but this is for my daughters birthday it's tomorrow and you haven't even got out of stock stickers on them! you f*cking b*tch!". Chucks the box behind the counter and storms off! WTF??? lol

I should get paid more. Some really rude stressy people out there.

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wtf!!! if a guy was being an ******* like that to me i would seriously be like "you know what?? **** YOU!!!" and i would flip him off. and then if my manager gets all mad at me and tries to fire me i would be like "what?? i never said that. wow that guy must have really had a bad day. he was throwing cards at me(check the security cameras) and now he's trying to make up lies to fire me? wow" hahahhahahahhahaha :D

Well done for keeping your cool :) If people want to throw their dummies out of the pram every time something doesn't go their way, I think it would be fair to make them walk around in public wearing only nappies to indicate their lack of maturity! ;)

I will never understand the mentality of "rude" to our fellow humans.. Sure I get really pissy and take it out on my spouse like most people.. isn't that's what family is about? But to take it out on strangers??<br />
Something is bent in these people like bullies.. What is wrong with someone that they have to dump or jump or rag on someone else?? Very unhappy people feel pity and sorrow for them although it doesn't help at the time it is happening to you. I was in retail for years. Fortunately I was owner or manager and in the position to say "I am here to assist you but not to take your bad attitude, please take it elsewhere.. <br />
I also find it appalling that anyone renting a movie could be so off. When we had a Blockbusters in town I had my card and my phone number... Any way I always think when I see these people.."Thank God I'm not married to them" some poor soul probably is... and keep in mind keep trying to respect others.. I grew up in the 50's and it was part of our culture but it seems to has fallen by the way side.. "Rise above it" as my mother use to say and if you can't find a stout 2x4 and knock them in the head

No i had to pick them up :( No customers are allowed behind the till under no circumstances. Even though my boss went mad when i told him he would have still gone mad at me for making the guy pick his cards up. They were very childish people and unfortunately we have a lot of them